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July 31, 2020 Coinice
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Unb Secure › go to program homepage
Payouts: 1-25% after 1 day!
Min deposit: $10
Max deposit: $60,000
Referral bonus: 5%
Our company offers access to the most exciting asset class; curating connections between highly experienced individuals ready to invest, and people at the forefront of innovation.
  • Lifetime: 141 days
  • Monitoring: 141 days
  • Admin rate: 1
  • User rate: 130.6
  • Funds return: 68.00%

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Rating User Info & Date Comments
Payment for Pjaca
This is from UNB secure admin, confirmed to my Perfect money
The confirmation message and alert has been received also.
13,402.68 USD.
Sweet Payout for me now, bless you, admin for this.
Operation date: 28th Nov 2020
Operation ID: 1227173297
Operation type: transfer
Status: success
Credited: $54.19
To my account U57912630
$953,86 has been successful sent to your Perfect Money
November 28, 2020.
From Account U37911026
To Pragya
I will deposit more, admin.
Fast and secure project, making buoyant within my peers.
Most of them are just showing the enviness at this very
moment has they see the changes in me financially without
knowing the source.
268.92$ completed to your Payeer account.
Payout received
Excellent project.
Still paying.

On your wallet U342&&&& PerfectMoney
withdrawn 0.79 USD
(batch: 343740704)
Thank you very much, UNB Secure.
This investment is a very sure access to greater wealth.
PAYOUT / Payment received
I strongly suggest this to everyone!
Transaction View
Currency: Bitcoin
Easy money for me and everyone around the program.
Thanks, admin. Withdrawal has been completed.
Withdrawal of 29,384.07 $ completed to my Perfect Money
This is an interesting website to earn instant profit and
not have any side of regret.
Thanks once more, admin.
It was done in a more respectable and acceptable way... Good
one from this project today.
$740.36 has been sent to your Perfect money account.
The transaction batch is 343792047
Nice Project.
when it comes to taking important decisions and concluding
contracts and reduce the time it takes for the refund to be
made, this one clearly handled it well
Ingraham's account credited today instantly.
Payment of $81.4
Soon to deliver another deposit to your project, Thanks.
Paying Machine, Thanks, delivers once more...
Status: Paid
Date: 25.11.2020 12:30
From: UNB SECURE Platform
Credit: 0.13622102 BTC
Amount: +0.13622102 BTC
High-quality implementation, excellent results.
Your cooperation with many large successful businesses
worldwide and assisting them in establishing long-term
financial security is what is working for many of us out
Wow! got paid at first try.
just received $$$
received to
Payeer Account:
This is good to me, I have been paid.
Complexity Simplified! A stable program for investors...
16,192.48 off to my wallet.
Nov 24, 1:55 PM UTC
Currency: Bitcoin.
Thanks, admin.
Received to
Good project.
In your site, you're holding the future and the future is
now... Welcome to the
I lay hold of 0.026144 BTC at the expense of my 195%
investment deposit some days back.
The future has begun...
Welcome to UNB secure.
Lassana Reports!
Thanks for all the hard work The amount of 27,003.60 USD has
been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts:
U37911026->U50~~~~~~. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to
Alyson from UNB SECURE, You have to exchange your knowledge
and skill and turn it into the capital... Date: 01:00 pm.
24.11.20. Batch: 343588146.
An investment site that empowers you to maximize profits
while minimizing risk. This is the true path to passive
income you can take to your world.
Strong and Reliable!
Welcome to one-stop shop for investment. Payment received
from the reliable project.
Received 985.72 USD to my account.
Today November 24, 2020.
Credited with $985.72 at this very moment.
Nice work.
Excellent payment!
A fast withdrawal to my private account from UNB secure.
$12,299.40 withdrawn.
Thanks for the successful withdrawal into my account.
More to come.
0.6553329 BTC received To my Bitcoin wallet.
You have just given me more experience in this business.
11 989,97 BTC to
With the risk taken, I have one more guarantee source of
Thank you, $5061.53 completed
Excellent Project!
Withdrawal of fund completed to MIDDASHBROS
This is the first successful withdrawal this week from this
program to my wallet.
Worth doing busness with, any time any day.
Right now, we have began on a brighter note.
1,229.71 USD
Received In Bitcoin
Nov 23, 2:15 PM UTC
Best Paying project, not common to most HYIP's at all.
0.066 BTC
Keep responding to our deposits very fast as you've done to
Withdrawal paid today! Thank You very much! And in return
again, 4500 USD deposited to this site. Great site. Great
Date: 2020-11-23 10:58
From/To Account: U37911026
Amount: 13,766.00
Currency: USD
Batch: 342601843
Withdraw to Ferland From UNB SECURE.
This is the digital world and is good to move with someone
who truly understands it better and then turn it to your
UNB secure is truly working for me.
You too can be part of this greater advantage.
I enjoy the withdrawal process from this investment program.
No problems encountered during withdrawal.
$176.83 has been deposited to your Payeer account.
The transaction batch is 1243847206.
Good paying project.
My withdrawal of 732.46 USD has been completed with the
batch number
good one, admin.
The day has ended so well with this result from your
A very wide Margin!
Thanks for the bitcoin payout
Instantly withdrawal
+0.4365 BTC
Transaction View
Great Project!
deposit $330 into same plan, account activated,
your withdraw system is superb
once, then, payout is done.
The amount of 5.86 USD has been deposited into your Perfect
Money account. Accounts: U37911026->U*****. Memo: API
Payment. Withdraw to Jor037erran from UNB SECURE... Date:
10:10 22.11.20. Batch: 343137924. The payment is completed
now from UNB secure.
The project is very vital at this time, withdrawal goes
smoothly... no problems paying!
$29.73 has been sent to your Payeer account
Thanks for sending me the payment and it a brace.
Received my payment! THANKS
Date: 2020-11-21
Invoice: 103874
Amount: 3377.19
Currency: USD
Always Got the payment on time, thanks admin, This is really
something, Great.
Paid $82 In Perfect Money Account
I'm grateful for the well-done job by this program
It's worth celebrating since I didn't get to lose any amount
during the process.
This is perfect, perfect for me and everything around me
0.0015323 BTC.
The most trusted admin.
kinda enjoy you for a very long period and will be earning
so well.
0.0015323 BTC received now
Thanks for your success.
Excellent Project processed instantly.
I will love to continue progressive payment with your
company pending the time that I wish for myself.
So for this, $5000 has been deposited to your account admin.
Decent HYIP, two minds set in while I was referred but as
someone with ambition and in need of cash, I have to
Thanks, it's real!
Nice Project!
Withdrawal completed.
I will invest again, admin.
Good servitude... Great reward. Admin has delivered the
latest investment profit for my Payeer account today.
Completed 645.43$ from the program
Nice JOB!
Love a place where there are coordination and cooperation
between two parties.
I HAVE 3049.63 USD NOW.
Beautiful program, going beyond expectation, the system has
got to release the income earlier than expected.
Thank you for the payment.
Bitcoin now!!!
0.80761209 BTC to
Good one, admin.
It's my Moment because taking the time to invest in you and
your leadership is very influential to the success of my
Thank you, admin. You are indeed a good partner.
$87.30 has been deposited to your Payeer account.
The transaction batch is 1227674195.
You are gem.
You handled things with a professional idea, good payout.
0.006348 BTC deposited to your bitcoin account.
Great Project
Received to my bitcoin wallet.
A very productive move now finally comes with its reward.
I do get regular automatic withdrawals.
Even I myself have developed my own investment system, which
in the long term will bring a stable profit. That should be
UNB secure itself, being conjoined with the program 100%.
Date: 19.11.2020 11:29
ID: 1226801483
Details: P1028672531 - P391005
Amount: 6300.00 USD
Can't just believe the fact that I'm done with the
It was so quick.
Not losing money, an excellent program, Thank you for
helping me.
A withdrawal of 4986.77$ has been sent to my PM account.
I got payment now.
The payment sent to Qqfo8ioeHH today.
This is pure success.
244.85 $ payment has been confirmed.
Payment to my Payeer account from this program, not directly
from my deposit but it's as a result of referral deposit.
Kudos to you admin for opening this your online project and
offering positive activities
Thanks, UNB.
6,740.08 USD
BTC to
Bitcoin Address
UNB secure is an investment fund that has been in operation
for the betterment of his customers.
A thoroughbred company with a first-class package;
Operation date: 18th Nov 2020
Operation ID: 1223810004
Operation type: transfer
Status: success
Credited: $492.80
Operation Completed.
The amount of 13.76 BTC has been sent to your bitcoin
The program is too professional and they possess good
Good and instant payout now
Today @12:05
November 18th, 2020.
Received Payment 57.26 USD from account U37911026 to account
Uxxxxxxxx. Batch: xxxxx. Memo: API Payment.

5th withdrawal.
Payment of 5187.92 USD completed to my wallet.
Active investment company, doing what they ought to do on
Withdrawal follows immediately to my Privy purse.
No cause for alarm!
Transaction Details
17.11.20 05:19:32
Bitcoin Transaction Batch
Bitcoin Withdrawal Successful!
0.43298942 BTC
7,501.41 USD
Received 0.81148101 to my bitcoin account now, instantly.
Though I shouldve had this done since yesterday but all the
same I have it now.
Payout completed.
0.81148101 BTC completed.
Today @16:01:00
You have completed my withdrawal for me now... The amount of
25,090.14 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money
account. Accounts: U37911026->U^^^^9347. Memo: API
Payment. Withdraw to Omovicski from UNB SECURE. I have an
instant profit now from UNB SECURE... Date: 14:00. 17.11.20.
Batch: 342180665.
Simple payment, instant withdrawal to my account.
The amount of $2140.65 has been sent to your Payeer
From UNB
To Adan
I have my withdrawal request dealth with at this hour.
Their own aspiration has freed mine way to prosperity and
it's the same way that have channelled me to it!
1.03168105 BTC has been sent to your bitcoin wallet.
Bitcoin Address:
Thanks for the instant result, admin. will forever grateful
to your program.
Withdrawal completed.
Details about my todays deposit, as this site is paying
well, I also do deposit randomly.
Expect to paste the withdrawal details too very soon.
Thanks to my head that I got to invested through a
particular Global Online Investment Platform.
The lose money is the worst thing that can ever happened
when doing business with any HYIP.
So I enjoyed my withdrawal now, small return but good,
afterall I didn't lose it.
Planning on a bigger plan and deposit.
Withdrawal details ...
Primitive program, deliver profit on time into my given
Payeer account.
To account: 1030610833
I do make sure that I renew the principal immediately to
continue another payment.
Make money... Earnings Received
After another six round days of deposit, there is another
successful payout.
Date: 2020-11-10 12:21
From/To Account: U37911026
Amount: 4014.16
Currency: USD
Batch: 341974087
Payment to Anderson Bitcoin Wallet
From UNB
Excellent Payout.
0.07352753 BTC
Good work, I am so pleased right now just being able to
No more doubt at all, all is well with the project.
The best investment!
Referral profit today.
Received to my Perfect Money account today from this
This do as they say... Thanks.
Good project, enhance our program and increase its stability
for the long term. This is a key factor to progress.
Instant payments from this amazing long term program, I am
very happy with the returns guys. It pays business days as
well which is stable :)

Payment batch -

The amount of 790 USD has been deposited to your account.
Accounts: U37911026->U20512848. Memo: API Payment.
Withdraw to Burdisso from UNB SECURE. Date: 12:16 15.11.20.
Batch: 341833929.

The amount of 32 USD has been deposited into your Payeer
$1933.78 has been deposited to your Payeer account.
The transaction batch is
From/To: Account~ P1028672531
wonderful Payout.
Today @18:44
Excellent to excel alongside this wonderful program,
continue to do us well in the future.
Your existence is so paramount to me, admin, please stay on
the course
No site pays quickly as UNB secure This day, I thank you for
what you've turned out to be in the
1.67015714 BTC
26,729.53 United States Dollar to
Nov. 14, 2:25 p.m.
Instantly withdrawal
Batch: 341689271
29,628.14 $
Instant Payment from UNB SECURE TO MY ACCOUNT.
Giving Really Good Profits, Thanks.
Bravo, admin. Nice job!
You are doing it and doing it well, payment completed.
Asking withdrawal has been completed to my Perfect Money
The transaction batch 341764926
The sweetest place on Earth to be is worth your attention
just as your own life. Just to let you know and realize that
I do give more attention to this program more than any other
thing at the moment in my life.
They have the tools and resources You need.
I can confirmed that now, I made deposit of $1650 yesterday
on a day plan and now, withdrawal is done.
I have been able to withdraw my total amount(principal and
profit) to test them.
Wise choice! has offered a large number of investment
Thank you for Coorperation towards achieving greater
Payout received to my account.
Most Trusted, they gathered top experts to provide the best
financial services to their many loyal partners.
Received my payment! THANKS
Date: 2020-11-12
Amount: 0.53528643
Currency: BTC
01:40:00 PM
Thank you for paid me.

I got my first payment after just a day of 125% from my

I'm very glad about that.

This one is Legit...


Love your program so much that I can't do in a day without
any deposit or withdrawal from here.
Justin has completed another payout
A simple scheme within my reach, I made profit from my
Reliable program.
636.96$ paid.
Hey if you want to take the chance and believe that this is
paying, knock yourself in and see for yourself.
So interesting, delivered on time.
From admin now to my wallet the amount of 46 USD.
05:37 AM
Reliable program.
Thanks to my head that I have to take part in the wonderful
investment opportunity, and I've increase my capital today!
0.73805611 BTC to
Withdrawal completed!
One love from the states.
Kehler capital has increased.
Here is the today's payout...
The amount of 20,947.32 has been sent to your Payeer
The transaction batch is 1215786903
Thanks for this program, admin, you've done variably well.
Withdrawal to Allan from UNB SECURE. THANKS.
The one-stop solution for crypto asset management, be in
their thought as from now onward.
Thank you, $5131.90 completed
Excellent Project!
Withdrawal of fund completed to IRKDABRANjQSKI.
This is the second successful withdrawal this week from this
program to me.
Worth doing busness with, any time any day.
The amount of 2082.06 USD has been deposited to your
account. Accounts: U37911026->U7710****. Memo: API
Payment... Date: 08:26 AM. 11.09.20. Batch: 341466972.
Withdrawal to Kieran from UNB secure. Withdrawal completed
from this program, good investment industry, SUCCESS!
I received 276$ from referral affliate advantage from this
i.e 5% from a referee deposit for me now.
You have done well and thanks for the instant reward to my
This one will last longer than I expected of, send in my
asking capital right now.
$9262.09 has been deposited to your perfect Money account.
The transaction batch is 121307651
Principal plus profit together withdrawn instantly.
Good project. Stay on course.
Withdrawal completed to my bitcoin wallet from UNB secure, A
secured program. Thanks.
2,107.98 in dollars
This is what I requested for and it has been attented to.
0.13780866 BTC to
For several days I have been working with this investment
company and I can safely say that they justify themselves
100 percent.
Thanks, Received.
Date: 10.11.2020 13:49:03 PM
ID: 1214825916
Details: P1028672531 - P***718292
Amount: 17412.14 USD
Comment: Withdrawal completed to Boaz from UNB.
Date: 2020-11-10 08:38
From/To Account: U37911026
Amount: 2886.00
Currency: USD
Batch: 341397107
Long term partnership, admin. we will achieve many things
A well-oiled machine and a talented team, clearly
understands their responsibilities and tasks in the
investment process.
Batch is 341914218.
$ 43.10
an impressive results in the field of online investments!
I Got Paid As Well , Keep Going Admin.
The amount of 86 USD has been deposited to your Bitcoin