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Program details
Lissa Express › go to program homepage
Payouts: 1-30% after 1 day!
Min deposit: $10
Max deposit: $90,000
Referral bonus: 5%
We equip our investors with intelligent analytics and provide comprehensive investment programs. The reward of our investment packages goes way beyond financial rewards as they also provide future financial stability for all our partners.
  • Lifetime: 112 days
  • Monitoring: 104 days
  • Admin rate: 1
  • User rate: 94.3
  • Funds return: 53.00%

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Rating User Info & Date Comments
The most payouts that I have experienced in this project is
the most fastest thing I have witnessed in my life
Even mostly faster than a cheetah. Amused!
Nice program for us all.
Withdrawal sent from this project.
Date: 21.10.2020
ID: 1189699214
Details: P1028672531 - P102257****
Amount: 7047.51 USD
Good vision for me followed up with the right momentum.
Fresh from this site today, 8491.74 USD
The amount of 8491.74 USD has been deposited to your Payeer
Withdrawal completed instantly.
The program allows so many freely withdrawals for investors
and that is wonderful to say.
deposited 230$ via BITCOIN and it has been apprehended

my balalnce is upgraded now.
Thanks for sending me my payment as directed... Reliable
Bitcoin Received.
42,342.90 USD
To my Bitcoin Wallet
From This program
3.5552988 BTC
Got paid in here, it looks like I've finally found a stable
and honest program. Recommended!
Your Bitcoin withdrawal $3,154.83
Oct 20, 2:25 PM UTC
from lissaexpress program, this is a good program.
Good program! The amount of 10,119.28 USD has been deposited
to your Perfect Money account. Accounts:
U21880745->U70364218. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to
Houghton from LISSA EXPRESS PROJECT. I've earned instant
profit from LISSA PROJECT today.
Date: 13:41 20.10.20. Batch: 338846633.
Suitable site, you can catch up now and select the best
quality in LISSA EXPRESS!
No Problems, Thanks.
Bitcoin has been withdrawn completely from your program
Good, thanks.
Payout completed.
0.75576391 BTC
My withdrawal request was paid on time with the batch:
338755614, and I have made a new deposit.
Thank you.
More details Soon.
Very Good!!! Received Payment 5360.5 USD from this program,
payment was fast and complete.
You did it in amore polite way, that's how professional
The withdrawal amount is 1.18797804 BTC
This is straight out of the program wallet to my wallet
1.18797804 BTC.
Thanks for the payout!

I got my first payment after just six days of 350% from

I'm very glad about that.

This one is here to stay for long...


More Memorable Moments for me to come from this project!
Another withdrawal made possible today by this program and
retrogestion at all.
A 200% investment deposited some days back as brought in
it's own reward.
Thanks, admin.
0.43476753 BTC
Bitcoin Address
Life is not a documentary at all, standing like a clown...
It is a Discovery!
One's first choice in life should be to discover what's suit
you and work for you.
The wait is over, the die is cast!
I made withdrawal now.
The amount of 764.20$ has been sen to your Payeer account.
The transaction batch is 1187920374
Good project, instant withdrawal.
This is a fantastic program, punctual paying, Thanks a lot.

0.04684247 BTC Completed.
I asked to withdraw early today and right now everything is
done and dusted with the withdrawal completed too.
Nothing can make it slide, they are good for the instant
At this October 18th, 2020.
A withdrawal of 7409.84 was confirmed and completed in
dolllars. The reluctancy was there while depositing but no
more at withdrawal point.
Making progress ramdomly with investment results paid and
collected from this project.
Another withdrawal of 9064.90 USD has been completed again
Withdraw to Maier today.
Date : 2020-10-18
From/To Account : U21880745
Amount : 1816.04
Currency : USD
Batch : 338679936
Withdraw to from LISSA EXPRESS.
Reasonable job! Very Encouraging!!!
withdrawal has been completed and I have made new deposit
No room for failure... I got paid instantly!
Payment secured.
wonderful moment! the site delivers now the amount of 382.40
USD to my PM account.
Thanks, admin.
You are a good person.
Continue your good nature.
Received 8,339.01 BTC
Sent to: 36TZYLiYfpW4AU2vrvwNxTEUWez1YB9WHD
The amount of 11,549.50$ USD has been deposited to your
Perfect Money account. Accounts: U21880745->U38710274.
Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to Bajaj from Lissa Express...
Date: 06:16 pm 16.10.20. Batch: 338413701.
A very secured investment opportunity.
Your duties are performed with so much good intentions...
Bitcoin completed.
Bitcoin of 6,708.98 completed.
This is a round hole in a square peg.
Thanks for the payout, admin.
Paid to bc1qktjkpv8nnzlghw7n9a387qq9z0j5ax64tj9yxf. Thanks.
Lissa Express!!!
A five days deposit is processed out. This is the principal
and profit withdrawal together. It is paid.
I'm eager now for more deposit, admin. But I will sure
invest again now.
35,291.89 United States Dollar
Oct 16, 12:54 PM UTC
Growth is assured...
+1.68866247 BTC
Withdrawal processed,
19,003.19 in dollars.
1044.73 USD to
Received to 1184920170
Good one, admin.
Received Payment 2.6 USD from account U21880745 to account
U22055030. Batch: 338353419. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to
newlineproject from Lissa Express.
A very profitable line of trading.
deposited 1000$ via BITCOIN and immediately showed up in my
They so do show some kind of seriousness.
$ 8521.63 Received
After just three day of deposit based on the plan I went
for. Withdrawal has been processed to my wallet.
Amount: 8521.63 USD
This one overwhelmed me.
I've gathered out something for nothing. Nothing's sweeter
than my withdrawal from this project.
The amount of 11,042.00 USD has been withdrawn today.
Successfully withdrawn today from LISSA EXPRESS.
This is my digital transformation partner, we've been in
this together for long. No partial at within their company.
You have nailed it...
Bitcoin paid
Bitcoin withdrawal of 536.24$ has been withdrawn from your
HYIP successfully.
Not less than fifteen minutes ago to withdrawal.
Dorsey is fully committed to you, admin.
Profit Received, Thanks.
Next fast payment of 13,472.28 USD to my wallet from this
same program.
Payment is stable from this program.
So much to enjoy right now.
Thanks, admin.
1.18664 BTC to
Operation date: 14-10-20
Operation ID: 1181520617
Operation type: transfer
Status: success
Credited: $7218.00
Most watch and followed, Thanks for the successful payment.
Amount: 4760.92 USD
Withdraw from Lissa Express
Completed to my PM account from the program successfully.
Thanks for all the positive work.
Referral profit has just been sent to me, I totally
Jessie appreciates all you make happen without me being
there but only against hope but believe in it.
I will forever be telling more people about this program and
referring them in so the company can expand.
Withdrawal sent to my Payeer account from Lissa Express.
Withdrawal of 9868.64 USD to my Payeer wallet today from the
Thanks for this payout today.
What a skilled admin who knows what he's doing and making it
done so fast.
The amount of 22,376.50 USD has been deposited to your
Perfect Moneyaccount. Accounts: U21880745 ->U////6683.
Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to DIB64jocC from LISSA EXPRESS
PROJECT. I've completed my withdrawal from LISSA PROJECT.
Date: 01:31 13.10.20. Batch: 338140166.
The first withdrawal done with no problems, hopes it keeps
going... The amount of 3005.73 USD has been deposited to
your Perfect Money account.
The transaction batch is 338104025
Withdraw to Thauvin PM account from LISSA EXRESS.
Paying ...
Instantly withdrawal
+0.11355 BTC
Bitcoin Transaction
On a platter of Gold!
For me, I'm grateful.
You have unleash it. The goodness in you admin.
The long term await has finally ended, withdrawal is now
sure and confirmed from your program.
To my wallet now...
To the BTC Address
This is no joke! It's real!! Paid!!!
Received $6155.52 as withdrawal payment.
Received to my PM account now.
Very Good!!! Received Payment of 11.5 USD from this program,
payment was fast and complete.
I'm taking the time to invest in you and your leadership
with instant payouts is critical to the success of my
They are always there whenever am searching... for answers
Date: 11.10.2020
ID: 1170807721
Details: P1028672531 - P/////05480
Amount: 18,119.63 USD
Comment: Payment Completed.
The best of the best services can be attainable with
They help transact and manage my money wella.
payment received! very good site with a stable plan!

Thank you, admin!!!

The amount of 1906.84 USD Received.
I made withdrawal successfully, withdrawal of 326.88 BTC
Partners with trusted broker/
4,991.63 $ compiled and completed from the trusted program.
Today has been productive for me since the day break and I'm
now wrapping things up with another investment result.
0.44052902 BTC to
The next thing now is to be happy and celebrate new arrival
of my payment.
11,937.81 $
This is the withdrawal request of yesterday, it was
processed within and not even more than twenty-four hours.
This one is prone to instant payment.
Withdrawal Successfully sent to your Bitcoin address.
Transaction ____
[[ 0.31981172 BTC ]]
From Lissa EXPRESS.
More Blessings, admin.
You always put smile on my face whenever I discovered there
is successful payment from your side, you give me the kind
of relieve that I don't even experienced if I see food
whenever I am totally farmished.
The amount of 6027.63 USD has been sent to your Payeer
account from Lissa Express.
The transaction batch is 1178202178.
The return is good from the admistrative of this project.
Guaranteed return today.
Date : 2020-10-09
From/To Account : U21880745
Amount : 17,548.00
Currency : USD
Batch : 337770040
Withdraw to Die7UIYPPf0O from LISSA EXPRESS.
The site that produce good investment processing, and daily
payment of profit without delay.
Today @12:49
To: 159AUSeRR4A2H*****etG86gB6z9PLyW4h
2.76893097 BTC
Excellent Project:
30,635.73 $
I got it all covered. Good site.
Expect the payment ASAP!
4001.00 has been deposited in your program, admin.
Today (Oct-09-2020)
done by ellie1976
My withdrawal request was paid on time with the batch:
337690938, and I have made a new deposit.
I've deposited on the five days plan.
850 USD deposited
Thank you
Lissa express is duly expressing themselves with the
language everyone really understands... INSTANT PAYMENT!
So much to get from this program, any time, any day.
This one has done well at this hour, today.
Payment received.
Payment received to my PM today. The account received to is
Today 08-10-2020
No delay in payment right from the program to my account.
You always made my request done without stressing me at
I don't need to fear on deposit made here at all. The admin
know what to do at every point in time.
0.04679 BTC
Fine work.
I totally know that Lissa Express is here to give double of
what I throw at them.
This is an amazing program indeed
I am very happy with the good daily profit and instant
This is what makes them still be on the run since they are
doing well.
This one si processed correctly, it was yesterday I asked to
Bitcoin completed.
0.24932116 BTC to
A good and positive response, admin.
.. Payment Received
Instantly ..
Date : 2020-10-07 16:00
Amount : 0.970505
Currency : BTC
This is so awesome!!
Jeffrey from the states commends the admin of this wonderfu
program. If it hasn't for the instant payment, it would have
been a little bit difficult to move out of the economic
precession that I found myself in.
In my inagural payment, it was instantly done, so much
8237.00$ completed.
Thank you everyone in here for the procession on of my
withdrawal successfully.
I can recommend this site to all, They always provide the
best support and never intended to make customer rejection
or denial to investment payout.
11,033.08 $
Fortune has smiled on me today, I really didn't believed
The program promised today but was in doubt in my heart
since, not until I discovered the payment proof on my
1.02797784 BTC to
What a good and kind person you are!!! The amount of
10,537.27 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts:
U21880745->U17394***. Memo: API Payment. The transaction
batch is 337271950.
Withdraw to Roux from LISSA EXPRESS. The best payment
program ever.
To Rosemary Bitcoin account today, The amount of 1.02240873
BTC has been sent to your bitcoin wallet from this program.
To your Bitcoin Address...
Payment Today
10,930.98 United States Dollar
Good Company! Thks for the quick payment, I never have you
in doubt.
2.16629247 BTC to
The most trusted!
Bitcoin Transaction
To my Payeer account, withdrawal has been processed to...
Account 1029472947
The amount of 9012.23 USD has been sent to your Payeer
From account: P1028672531
Thanks, good payout.
Program credits!!! there own is not just to pursue
excellence for greedy reasons.
0.48706048 BTC to
Got it as it was stated and promised during the deposite
because after that, I chatted their life CPA, and it went
5,139.90 $
Withdrawal completed at first try.
It's well with you and everything around you, admin.
Date: 03.10.2020
ID: 1170001480
Details: P1028672531 - P1030482572
Amount: 11,076.19 USD
Comment: Withdrawn
Admin, you doing fine...
Deposited yesterday...
544.09 USD has been sent to your perfect money account
Account: U21880745->U........
The transaction batch is 336842991.
Success Withdrawal.
The first round of payment completed, more soon.
Received. $974.36 has been successfully sent to your
Money account. The Transaction batch is 336908462.
Thanks for fast transaction. Really fast and fantastic.
Would definitely do business with again!
You do motivate me to do more anytime, any day.
Withdrawal has been completed
@16:24 today
Central for instant profit. It's really played out well for
0.01771719 BTC to
Date : 2020-10-02 04:17
From/To Account : U21880745
Amount : 5390.00
Currency : USD
Batch : 336970343
Memo : API CODE, withdraw to from LISSA EXPRESS.
0.00085858 BTC to

a small return today but good. instant payment on a day
Bigger package next.
support is so responding.
Send message to them yesterday asking for a withdrawal, it's
in now...
16,990.62 Bitcoin
Thanks, a very good response.
Bitcoin Transaction
Here comes the much awaited result!
15,867.26 BTC from this reliable investment package.
Thanks, admin for making the payment come to reality.
I will continue to partner with your HYIP for more days.
Please don't ask me more. I can say only this is the best
site for all investors, I am enjoying their company very
Congratulations on your HYIP. Paid me instant again
andagain, You did a very good job.
Hope to see you paid for many more payments to come soon!
745.30 Bitcoin today!
4,116.26 $
I didn't want to invest here before at the start, but I'm
happy I did.
Thanks, @lissa for the payout
I will do more deposit today again.
0.38381875 BTC To
The program is running very well and giving nice returns as
well, Withdrawals paid really fast too and I am liking it
more day by day...

Payment batch -

The amount of 672.72 USD has been deposited to your account.
Accounts: U21880745->U47546***. Memo: API Payment.
Withdraw from LISSA EXPRESS. Date: 07:49 AM 30.09.20. Batch:

The amount of 0.10949002 BTC has been deposited to your
Instant withdrawals from the program. always
a wonderful project, increasing every day. Have been in this
project for a very long time gaining good returns.
A good payment: The amount of 1553.05 USD has been deposited
to your Perfect account. Accounts: U21880745->U843****.
Memo: API
code. Withdraw to Emprodd from Lissa Express. co... Date:
02:37 PM. 29.09.20. Batch: 336660820. Thanks, I really
appreciate it.

$73 MADE.
Good program.
The next fast Payment!
The amount of $6378.36 has been deposited to your Payeer
account today.
The transaction batch is 1165392694
To my Payeer account 1024372847
Good program completed to Losch from the Lissa Express
Investment site.
Meet The Charming Investment site and Get More Memorable
Date: 28.09.20
Received Payment Today
From account 1Cx392z5tLqBBvT6g6ca8VS73zUa5kwkbZ.