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Program details
Emmpo › go to program homepage
Payouts: 1.5% daily!
Min deposit: $10
Max deposit: $100,000
Referral bonus: 5%
At Emmpo Investment, We invest in businesses with a strong market position, which are poised for significant improvement or further growth. In our investments, we typically seek to acquire a significant stake and invite management and individual investors worldwide to partner with us.
  • Lifetime: 270 days
  • Monitoring: 269 days
  • Admin rate: 1
  • User rate: 198.4
  • Funds return: 181.50%

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Good: (90 votes)
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Rating User Info & Date Comments
1.09674567 BTC
BITCOIN TO Bitcoin Address
Program paying very well.
Thanks to my creator, my hope isn't shattered, The admin is
logical and direct with his idea...
A most impressive PROJECT!
Date: 2020-13-08
From/To Account: U20138036
Amount: 8420.25
Currency: USD
Batch: 326467603
Comment: API CODE, withdrawal to Daud892 from Emmpo
Thanks for sending the payment! The amount of 7240.00 has
been received to my Payeer account today.
The transaction batch is 1097921736
Next level today.
Great outcome.
The alert confirmation has been sent to my mailbox this
Alert is in today, I can go and withdraw now cause
withdrawal has been processed.
Withdrawal 11,846.99$ will soon be made from this program.
Another positive vote soon.
Today 02-2020
To My Payeer account
Account: 1024912852->102302
Amount: 13,368.28 USD
Comment: Withdrawal from Emmpo investment to Losch
Excellent payout.
7517.51 paid
Successful withdrawal today.
I say a big thanks for your positive part played to have
this HYIP isn't for greedy reasons at all, they made the
return very fast and hold no panic to one's investment.
Bitcoin confirmation from this program, this withdrawal is
done on my last investment deposit.
The payment of 420.34 received in bitcoin from the program.
I don't trust words, but actions, people can tell you
anything but action says everything. Good action and
reaction from this program.
Bitcoin Transaction
The amount of 804.11$ USD has been deposited to your Perfect
Money account. Accounts: U20138036->U7494274. Memo: API
Payment. Withdraw to sulcFMVJHE from Emmpo. I've earned
Instant Money from Emmpo... Date: 17:10 10.08.20. Batch:
326213715. Really exclusive.
This program really stands tall, it's poised for significant
improvement or further growth.
210.34 US dollar completed as my instant daily profit. Good
one. So now...
I recommend investors to join this wonderful program, very
fast withdrawals, and honest admin.
I received another fast withdrawal from the program and this
time it was within seconds
This is super nice. I am liking how it has been running so
smooth and giving stable profits.
Hook up today for this instant profit too, guys.
It really admirable how you always see projects through from
conception to completion.
Thanks for making this one too acquirable...
0.0996946 BTC Paid.
Success withdrawal to follow...
1.195,15 Received.
This is faster than I expected. You are Much Appreciated!
The return is quite applaudable.
The amount of 2127.34 USD has been received has my profit
from this program.
I can't thank you enough but much appreciated.
My withdrawal request was paid on time with the batch:
326144339, and I made a new deposit.
Thank you
The little trial didn't deter me from greatness here,
instead transform it too much bigger greatness
Withdrawal has been processed.
Batch id:
0.42617189 BTC
2020-08-09 14:00:06
Transaction batch is 1034402371
Today Aug-09-2020
To Young1970 Payeer Account.
So helpful than you realize, thank you!
Profit plus Principal received.
Payment of 1290.33$ Paid by the program right now.
Withdrawal process to follow now... Thanks for the payment.
Your instant deposit, withdrawal, payout are trusted and
enjoyed by millions worldwide.
One-click to the perfect offer today if you haven't had a
share of their brilliancy yet.
You always raise the bar!
Operation date: 08 08 20
Operation ID: 1034738200
Operation type: transfer
Status: success
Credited: 12,068.18 $
Fantastic work!
0.61762093 BTC to
My bitcoin wallet
Bitcoin received now.
Well worked out by the administrator within the space of
three days.
wallet ID
This is my recent withdrawal from Emmpo HYIP 1806.81 USD
Cool business.
Thanks for the payment, I really appreciate your kind
I got it done and the reward for the work is done
882.25 USD sent to my Payeer account from the Emmpo
This payment is for me instantly a just a day deposit.
Thanks, admin.
Received $20,765.90 from this program.
Withdrawal has been successfully sent to your Bitcoin
Transaction hash ID: 1H86bpnNsGm9GZMAgb7nYPvrcucPHzDKpr
1.76711541 in Bitcoin.
I didn't dull myself to instantly invest when I was
introduced by a friend to the program, this is the other
payment for the last deposit made by me...
7518.53 USD
given to my caianu
Super amazing program guys
This project has been paying since last year and running
really smoothly. Hence I always make reinvestments to earn
more as its a lot
stable :)
Date: 2020-07-08
From/To Account: U20138036
Amount: 6437.30
Currency: USD
Batch: 326002322
Memo: From Emmpo Investment.
21,341 USD Withdraw has been sent! Great Project
Bitcoin profit received.
Thanks for the payout, didn't disappoint me at on the way.
Withdrawal completed.
Very Good!!! Received Payment 7001.05 USD from this program,
payment was fast and complete.
Thanks, admin. Well done.
7001.05 USD
Thank you, admin, I will forever be shouting and telling
people about your program.
The amount of 0.0972865 BTC received from you now, excellent
0.0972865 BTC Paid.
Transaction Address is
Wow! I got paid in a twinkle of an eye!!
Withdrawal is done instantly by Caballero and no delay to
withdraw at all.
0.15 Bitcoin
Thanks a lot.
The result is in at this moment, the instant result today,
good one @emmpo
I follow this plan of 250.50% some days back and request for
withdrawal at the early hour of today, here comes the
5147.86 to leahAS5TGF
You have done so well. Thanks for offering such satisfying
service. Your service to me for the past couple of months
makes me loyal and devout to your program.
Bitcoin~0.06850346 BTC
Paid today @06:08 PM
Keep paying well, I love your HYIP very much. Thanks for the
instant payment, so I've completed another round of deposit
to your program...
3001.00 deposited
under the username (smith1996)
Another profit today from Emmpo investment.
USD 1806.81 completed
Today Aug-06-2020
By dhital
What a project at hand guys!
Payment successfully received from Emmpo investment today.
The amount of 160.75 USD has been deposited to your
Accounts: U20138036->U5847***. Memo: API Payment.
30722, emmpo investment... Date: 09:01 06.08.20. Batch:

The amount of 53.02 USD has been deposited to your account.
Accounts: U20138036->U5847***. Memo:
Excellent Project, Payout request has been met, $10,612.30
received to my bitcoin wallet from them today.
Cox is very glad today with this payout request done.
Well done, admin, 10,612.30 USD PAID.
Keep paying me, and I won't opt-out either, well-packaged
program. I have been paid by this program for longer period
now, early this year to say.
Don't miss this great opportunity to get new profits
everyday here. Thanks
Bitcoin~ for real
keep up good work. Very professional. Thank you.
4 836.67 Paid
Your Program is constantly paying well
Bitcoin of 0.42386756 BTC
Payment Received.
They're helping me so dearly...
Another profit received...
117.27 USD
Successfully sent $$$
Bitcoin completed.
Bitcoin is successfully withdrawn from Emmpo investment
0.21496275 BTC/$ 2,449.52
I think this program is perfect. I got the profit as expect,
Thank you. Received Payment 2050.55 USD from account
U20138036 to account U3201465. Batch: 325815086. Memo: API
Payment. Withdraw to Irishamoore from Emmpo investment
Received $4451.13 from this program
today Aug-05-2020
by me (Roberta)
Thanks, @emmpo for the payment.
180.50% After seventh Days of deposit
Thanks for Paying me with this awesome reward of profit.
Nice HYIP, been dealing with them since last year and they
maintain that implementation of a plan that as always help
me achieve financial security in the long term.
I will forever faithful to you too, admin.
It really admirable how you always see projects through from
conception to completion.
Paid. Transaction batch 325721320
To my PM U5173930 Account from this program.
Successfully Processed.
5000 USD deposited to this site. Great site. Great support.

and I also received 74 USD from the program for the referral
Thanks, admin.
Devon says...
Thank You
You just received 0.1213704 BTC
Transaction batch is:
@06:17 AM.
Plz, keep up the good work.
Date: 2020-08-04
From/To Account : U20138036
Amount: 10.15
Currency: USD
Batch: 325710301
Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to Leonor From Emmpo investment.
Received my money without any problems, so happy and thank
you so much.
The program is Paying consistently, very stable, and a great
project. Thanks, admin!!!
183.72 USD
Today Aug-04-2020
withdrawal with the jesus4US92HR account. A good project.
Your withdrawal request was processed successfully.
Withdrawal details are as follows:-
To my Payeer Account
Account: 1028923027
from Emmpo Investment.
Good return today.
I enjoyed the payment process
Payouts here!
2.15758185 BTC Processed!
My Bitcoin Bitcoin Address
Copied! Admin.
I was paid once again from this nice running program, The
project is long term and with stable returns:)
Instant profit.
Completed by Caputo today.
Instant profit from Emmpo Investment to my bitcoin wallet
A Bitcoin Transaction
Received Time 2020-08-03
Received BTC 0.89307049
Received Batch:
Payment received instantly:
Very stable. Always paying! Thank you!
The amount of 305.00 USD has been deposited to your Payeer
ID: 1102019927
At least, I am not in for any loss since there is
collaboration between us. Thanks, Admin.
Stellar experience and couldn't be more pleased!
New Payment received as always. Well done!
Keep on with your goodwill.
This Admin is... WAOH!!!
Just like my friends have been enjoying them all this while,
I have my share now.
Bitcoin to 1BTQ27iByt7so5sQQVRtqeqmyrvkvP5KJC
Thanks, Admin, you've done well.
I received really fast withdrawals from the program along
with some good referral commissions, Program is paying well
since last year and now I see it getting good attention.

Payment batch -

0.00149875 BTC

The amount of 28.7 USD has been deposited to your account.
Accounts: U20138036->U2411***. Memo:
Your withdrawal request has been processed! The amount of
822.29 has been sent to your bitcoin account today.
Batch no: 325629742
Withdraw to Wilson Instantly from the program.
371.00 Deposited.
Deposited by Sherali now.
371.00 USD has been deposited to this program today.
I love the program so dearly.
with this program, I have embraced a fun and creative way to
love my goal.
Thanks, admin.
Your Bitcoin withdrawal $16,171.10
has been sent to your payment processor!
@emmpo, you're great.
Thank you very much.
Again payment received The amount of 27.41 USD has been
deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts:
U20138036->****. Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal to
from Emmpo investment. The process was done without delay or
denial. Date: Today 02.08.20. Batch: 325602623.
So Sharp!
I will invest again, with this at my grasp.
0.04890327 BTC to
Bitcoin profit today from the Emmpo program to my wallet,
I can't thank you enough.
Acccount: 1024912852->1028292-02
Amount: 1806.81 USD
Comment: Withdrawal made to Bozena from Emmpo investment.
Your daily payment is good. You don't deceive your own at
all, you deserve all the praise and accolades to be called
Glad to join the professional site. I don't worry about
Right now, I said to myself this is the business that I have
Payment of 7,790.94 USD has been paid to me on this day.
Payment from Emmpo Program, Nice project.
0.67383429 BTC.
Got Paid, Thanks.
In Bitcoin
0.01719098 BTC received.
Thanks for the return today, I really appreciate from the
bottom of my heart.
I have adapted to provide innovative and effective
investment solutions for clients.
Good paying HYIP.
$260.00 has been successfully sent to your Perfect Money
The transaction batch is 325510957.
In profit! Thank you, admin!
Good work!
Great output today from Emmpo investment.
I have finally received my profit.
Bitcoin of 0.41215891
The transaction batch is
Operation Time: 11:48 PM
Operation date: 31 July 2020
Operation ID: 9^9437248
Operation type: transfer
Status: success
Credited: 10.025.00$
Operation Completed.
My lucky billionaire maker!
Thank you, 805.32 USD has been received
Confirmed with the Username: jerryVLMFFDNR
My withdrawal was perfectly processed today, Thank you.
Complete instantly.
From the Emmpo program to my bitcoin wallet today.
Wallet ID: 3AvYWFXFHP7BgxYTioRLRKYc1x72t7QqUT
0.00277486 BTC
Keep paying me, and I won't opt-out either, well packaged
Profit of 11.02 received from the program.
today Jul-31-2020
The amount of 11.02 USD has been sent to your Payeer account
Account: 1026218170
Withdrawal Your Bitcoin address.
Transaction hash ID:
From: Emmpo investment
BTC: +0.1080377
Withdrawal completed.
It is about several times I have been got paid by this site,
the admin is doing a very good job! Support It!! Date:
31.07.20 10:52 Batch: 325408004 From Account: U20138036
Amount: $7517.51 Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal to Krzysztof
from Emmpo investment.
How honest admin! I was paid again..thanks admin very much.
Batch: 325421937.
Amount: 2947.20 USD
Project yielding more profit instantly from every deposit
Emmpo withdrawal is so easy and calm, no cause for alarm at
I've received my money now.
I've received 902$
I've got the best profit ever so far from Emmpo investment
You're always doing well.
370.48 To my PM Account now.
Today Jul-31-2020
to joyceTYCRLSBY
Good payout. Received instantly.
The company is well-positioned to build the most
professional unit trust force in the world.
Welcome to one sure way to invest without regret.
You are doing Beautifully Great
0.01433594 BTC to
Thanks, admin
Emmpo has done very well.
Bitcoin Transaction Hash:
Bitcoin Withdrawal Completed today:
Great Fortune today.
I have found myself lucky mingling with this program.
Thanks for the payment.
0.01118812 BTC to
1482.00 USD deposited to this site. Great site. Great
To say the fact: I'm sure am having and sharing an
everlasting love and interest in this investment program.
The payment is well balanced and secured.
Paid, Thanks. I will deposit on the bigger plan today for
sure, this one has given the drive that I needed.
The amount of 2207.40 USD has been sent to your Payeer
account today.
Thank you, Admin.
Payment Received, Thanks!
Paid 829.48$ now.
Payment secured
Paid to my bitcoin wallet today.
Thanks, Admin.
I will never leave you even if you try not to do HYIP again.
This is a significant improvement in your program! The
amount of 1806.81 USD has been deposited to your account.
Accounts: U20138036->U38939005. Memo: API
Payment. Withdraw to Martins from Emmpo investment. Date:
13:13 29.07.20. Batch: 325264193. Thanks for the payout.
Right now, I have my withdrawal processed.
Withdrawal of $2900 has been processed by the admin.
So I now have my income paid.
Payment of $2900 received.
Thanks for the return.
You only have two options about this HYIP. BELIEVE it and
The rest is...
Bitcoin Received! Thanks.
Today at Noon
very good, paying instant