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March 21, 2019 Lucrative Shares
Payouts: 3-5% daily!
Min-max: $15-$15,000
Biopharma Shares
Payouts: 2.5% daily!
Min-max: $10-$25,000
March 20, 2019 Cryptex Trade Ltd
Payouts: 101-110% after 1 day!
Min-max: $10-$50,000
Oilinv 2019
Payouts: 0.5-1.25% daily!
Min-max: $100-n/a
March 19, 2019 Coins Cave
Payouts: 2-10% daily!
Min-max: $20-$100,000
March 18, 2019 DF Capital
Payouts: 2-3.3% daily!
Min-max: $10-$10,000
Crypt Element
Payouts: 103-120% after 1 day or 114-180% after 3 days!
Min-max: $20-$100,000
Payouts: 1-1.4% daily!
Min-max: $20-n/a
Bit Ico
Payouts: 7.16% daily!
Min-max: $10-$50,000
March 15, 2019 Bit Lite Invest Ltd
Payouts: 9% daily or 150% after 9 days!
Min-max: $30-$100,000
March 13, 2019 Cointative
Payouts: 5-15% daily!
Min-max: BTC 0.005-BTC 50
Zion Soil
Payouts: 4-6% daily!
Min-max: $20-$50,000
March 12, 2019 24 Pay Gold
Payouts: 1.08-20% hourly!
Min-max: $10-$400,000
March 11, 2019 Loyalty Trading Company
Payouts: 1.3-2.5% daily!
Min-max: $50-$50,000
Standard Profit
Payouts: 3-5% daily!
Min-max: $1-n/a
Perfect Solution
Payouts: 3-10% daily!
Min-max: $10-n/a
OMIFinance Ltd
Payouts: 0.7% daily!
Min-max: $10-$500
March 08, 2019 Zepex Crypto Mining Ltd
Payouts: 2.1-5% daily!
Min-max: $30-n/a
March 07, 2019 BitbPro Ltd
Payouts: 1.1-18% hourly!
Min-max: $5-$100,000
Avos Club
Payouts: 1.5-2.1% daily!
Min-max: $10-$500,000
Payouts: 3-6% daily!
Min-max: $20-n/a
March 06, 2019 Bitcolux Consortium
Payouts: 3-10% daily!
Min-max: $10-$100,000
March 04, 2019 Woking Profit
Payouts: 1.1-10% daily!
Min-max: $10-$30,000
March 01, 2019 Profit Up Hour Ltd
Payouts: 0.1-26% hourly!
Min-max: $5-$100,000
February 28, 2019 Disney - Land
Payouts: 0.17-0.41% hourly or 150% after 10 days!
Min-max: $15-$30,000
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Target Profit › go to program homepage
Payouts: 102-125% after 1 day!
Min deposit: $20
Max deposit: $100,000
Referral bonus: 5%
Investment service of Target Profit LTD created for those who show a direct or remote interest in the cryptocurrency market or the market of interbank currency exchange Forex, and wants to increase their start-up capital through successful investment.
  • Lifetime: 22 days
  • Monitoring: 21 days
  • Admin rate: 1
  • User rate: 2.4
  • Funds return: 8.00%

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Rating User Info & Date Comments
Received my earning as plan
+0.39665291 BTC
Attractive investment!
The amount of 1339 USD has been deposited to your account.
Accounts: U18808877->U*****.
Memo: API Payment. Withdraw from Target Profit..
Date: 02:02 07.03.19. Batch: 249648351.
Never miss any payment from Target Profit Ltd
Date: 07.03.2019 03:42:52
From: Target Profit Ltd
Credit: 0.13432683 BTC
Net amount: +0.13432683 BTC
Transaction ID:
OMG!!!Great job making again...
The amount of 927 USD has been deposited to your account.
Accounts: U18808877->U*****.
Memo: API Payment. Withdraw from Target Profit..
Date: 01:45 07.03.19. Batch: 249647552.
Most definitely will recommend this admin again!
Date: 2019-03-06 07:52
BTC Amount: 0.347174
Memo: Withdraw from Target Profit
What a result ! Highly recommended !
The amount of 721 USD has been deposited to your account.
Accounts: U18808877->U*****.
Memo: API Payment. Withdraw from Target Profit..
Date: 01:42 06.03.19. Batch: 249495742.
Great payment + Great experience. Thank you so much.
Mar 6th 05:04
Withdraw - BTC 0.92243582
Responsive and punctual
Date: 2019-03-06 01:27
From Account: U18808877
Amount: $1854.00
Batch: 249494680
Memo: API Payment. Withdraw from Target Profit.
Again paid me as promised
05.03 2019 @ 18:07
0.11796312 BTC
Transaction View
Very good to recommend, Love it a lot
05.03.2019, 15:22:54
0.04809344 BTC has been successfully sent to my Bitcoin
Transaction batch is
Excellent experience - thank you so much!
Date: 2019-03-05 17:22
From Account: U18808877
Amount: $204.00
Batch: 249456226
Memo: API Payment. Withdraw from Target Profit.
This is the project to go to!! A+ 1000%
The amount of 515 USD has been deposited to your account.
Accounts: U18808877->U*****.
Memo: API Payment. Withdraw from Target Profit..
Date: 16:33 05.03.19. Batch: 249449664.