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Paying 4 Ever 2013 › go to program homepage
Payouts: 105-120% after 1 day!
Min deposit: $10
Max deposit: $100,000
Referral bonus: 3-5%
Paying4Ever will work for ever, With our company your dreams come true. Paying4Ever is engaged in the investment increase your money. That is, if you urgently need a large sum of money, or make money online, our site is for you. Our company has many experts who are constantly monitoring the rise and fall of shares in other companies and exchange rates.
  • Lifetime: 1745 days
  • Monitoring: 1747 days
  • Admin rate: 1
  • User rate: 48.1
  • Funds return: 145.00%

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Very good: (250 votes)
Good: (2 votes)
Bad: (0 votes)
Very bad: (8 votes)

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Rating User Info & Date Comments
not paying
Not Paying, lost around $140 in this program. I think I may
give up on HYIP as I have gained nothing and lost nearly
$400 between this, Liquirity and Australian Business Group.
Goldpoll, please help! thank you!
Not Paying.
WD requst not be process for more than 36 hours
PENDING more than 24hrs. selective payment to HYIP monitors
I've been waiting 2 days for a payout.
What a fantastic project! My expectations were truly
Very trustful company with the best interest is
Admin amazes me so much for the very fast payout.
This is really something, Great.
You are the amazing admin,keep up your fabulous work
WOW!!! YEAHHHH! My fresh earning just arrived.
Super program, great spirit! Keep it up!
You super, dear admin!
Genuinely & grateful,I'm sure I'll be redeposit for
more... 5 stars!
thank you, love doing business with you
Brilliant and Fast Service! Highly Recommended!
Awesome! Thanx for doing exactly what you said you would.
Got this payment within only a few hrs after I withdraw! V
happy with it! :)
Thanks a lot and will sure recommend your project to others
! :)
Delivered fast payout as promised.
I'm very thankful for your outstanding work.
Completed quickly paid me as promised,Thanks for everything.
Really happy with a huge incomes which you provide so I've
redeposit already.
A reliable investment company,I'm so pleased with your
promised profit return.
I'm always receive friendly and exceptional service through
their support,this is really great hyip.
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great for all.
I put my money in safe hands as this company and I'd like to
recommend this excellent hyip to all of you.
This is so awesome!! I am currently in profit,Thank you very
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I assure you that you will never have something to regret
investing with this program,it always pay to all members.
Incredible Stable Payouts and never miss a payment,Thank you
Number one High Yield Investment Programs,I am extremely
happy joining you.
Admin provides reasonable and steady profit for me and for
all investors.
Please keep the great program moving,I'm so pleased with my
I appreciate for your punctuality payout and I am very
This is a fair deal investment without any risk
attached,Your company is the best.
Stop wasting time with bad site Let's try this one it is
second to none indeed.
By the end of plan,I got great profit appropriately as
promised.That's very kind of you.
Have a great day!! This project can pay for all coming up be
fast getting in here.
Get paid from the site as well as getting a great support
which takes care and answers all my questions.
everything went perfect and im very happy :)
I will continue to invest in this program. Thank you.
Admin is a pro. Very good communication all time.Thanks.
i felt completely comfortable working with them
Very well paid.Delivered the payment on time as the
thanks for the great and fast communication and professional
work !!
Excellent Service admin answered all my questions in a
timely and professional manner.
You are by far the best admin I've worked with.
What an easy and great experience.Thanks!
This is a fair deal investment without any risk attached
Thanks! I enjoyed working with you admin.
Very cool Admin! Thank you.
Awesome! I am excited to invest with you.
We were throughly impressed! GOODDDD
Truly professional! Would like to recommend this hyip.
So great to join with you,I will update my earning later.
Amazing hyip service and great communication!!
Thank you Admin! Simply Outstanding!
Excellent working with you and I look forward to invest more
very soon.
This company is very professional and easy to work with :)
Excellent work done and to high standards, I highly
The admin is very expert at what he is doing.
Very happy with the great promising return you offer!
Thank you admin... you are for sure THE BESTS.
i can say that their services are top notch!!!!
Top notch hyip service
Pleasure doing business!
PAYING4EVER has blessed me with very nice income.
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Awesome experience!
Fantastic speedy and genuine promising program
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This site look very professional.
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great for all.
Processor : Perfectmoney

Date : 2013-07-23 06:10
From/To Account : U4239688
Amount : 8.00
Currency : USD
Batch : 28466442
Memo : API Payment. Withdraw from

23.07.13 05:35 Receive Received Payment 312.50 USD from
account U4239688 to account ****. Batch: 28464709. Memo: API
Payment. Withdraw from
The amount of 10.5 USD has been deposited to your Perfect
Money account. Accounts: U4239688->U113****. Memo: API
Payment. Withdraw from Date: 16:14
23.07.13. Batch: 28519096.
The amount of 21 USD has been deposited to your Perfect
Money account. Accounts: U4239688->U2335765. Memo: API
Payment. Withdraw from Date: 15:59
23.07.13. Batch: 28517492.

PAYING in 40 secs
Great program, and their customer service very good, thanks,
hope to pay us much longer.
Stop waiting and go earning with the best project online.
Loving this program always pays!!Recommended!! thanks admin!
Very good Program ! Thanks admin :) Keep up the Good Work.
The site best support got reply in 12 hours and best
investing program
Still paying! Great program ever, always paid for small and
big invest. Thanks
Fast payment. Fast hyip. Very good site! Paying to me again
and again.
No delay payments! Paid me without problems, thanks admin.
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us a stable program! you are best!
Really great program! payment received very fast! thanks
Paid again as always, this is a very good site with honest
Very solid program, serious approach and regular payouts.
Confirm!!! very good project and real investment program!
Next payment paid! Get my money to PM account on time.
Perfect job.
Payment received as normal,admin paid on time per day,thanks
They are really wonderful to me. Thanks Admin.
Has always paid on time for many withdrawals. Keep on the
good work.