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April 20, 2017 Vineyard Wine
Payouts: 101.5-102% after 1 day!
Min-max: $10-$299
Payouts: 1-9% daily!
Min-max: $10-$50,000
Ice Cream Joy
Payouts: 0.1-0.92% hourly or 103-135% after 1 day!
Min-max: $10-$30,000
April 19, 2017 Ginteck Ltd
Payouts: 1-3% daily!
Min-max: $10-$100,000
Avanciroinv Energy
Payouts: 1.6-1.8% daily!
Min-max: $10-$159
April 18, 2017 BtcBlast
Payouts: 3-12% daily!
Min-max: $10-n/a
Sun Power Unlimited
Payouts: 1-3% daily!
Min-max: $10-$25,000
Heat Profit
Payouts: 5.5-18% daily!
Min-max: $10-$200,000
Payouts: 4-6% daily!
Min-max: $10-$10,000
April 17, 2017 Coins Rise
Payouts: 2-5% daily!
Min-max: $1-n/a
Payouts: 0.5-4% daily!
Min-max: $10-n/a
Hyip Notic
Payouts: 115% after 1 day!
Min-max: $5-n/a
Axis - Crude Investment Ltd
Payouts: 3-4% daily!
Min-max: $10-$40,000
Coffee Hill Ltd
Payouts: 6% daily!
Min-max: $10-n/a
April 14, 2017 BtcInvest
Payouts: 3.5-4% daily!
Min-max: BTC 0.01-n/a
Ruby Investments Life
Payouts: 3.2% daily!
Min-max: $10-$49,000
Permanent Earn
Payouts: 168% after 5 days ar 3.3-4.5% daily!
Min-max: $25-n/a
April 13, 2017 Bitec Future Ltd
Payouts: 1-8% daily!
Min-max: $10-$100,000
Alpha Tiger
Payouts: 2.2-7.1% daily!
Min-max: $30-n/a
April 12, 2017 Coinex Pro
Payouts: 10% daily!
Min-max: BTC 0.001-n/a
Secure Capitals
Payouts: 2.5-6% daily!
Min-max: $20-$100,000
Centennial Btc
Payouts: 0.21-0.42% hourly!
Min-max: $30-n/a
Payouts: 7% daily!
Min-max: BTC 0.005-n/a
Vivur Bet
Payouts: 1.6-2% daily!
Min-max: $10-$249
April 11, 2017 Cashleader
Payouts: 2-3% daily!
Min-max: $20-$200,000
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Lottery › go to program homepage is lottery with opportunity to win 111% after 1 minute. Choose your line and slot, make your bet and wait for 1 minute!
  • Lifetime: 1978 days
  • Listing: 1978 days
  • Admin rate: 1
  • User rate: 1.3
  • Min bet: $10

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Rating User Info & Date Comments
The amount of 2.22 USD has been deposited to your Perfect
Money account.
Congratulations, you are WINNER!!! Thanks for playing.
Date: 10:58 18.07.13. Batch: 27971086
How to make money?
Win by Win )))
Date: 5/8/2013 4:29 PM
Batch: 143161148
From Account: U4620552 (AllworldHYIP Games)
Amount: +5.55
Memo: API Payment. Congratulations, you are WINNER!!!
Just Paying! )))
Date: 4/19/2013 11:22 PM
Batch: 140860740
From Account: U4620552
Amount: +$2.22
Memo: You win! Thanks for playing
Just Paying! )))
Date: 3/24/2013 2:10 AM
Batch: 137047145
From Account: U4620552
Amount: +$2.22
Memo: You win! Thanks for playing.
Just Paying! )))
Date: 2/15/2013 9:25 PM
Batch: 131784155
From Account: U4620552 (AllworldHYIP Games
Amount: +$2.22
Memo: API Payment. Congratulations, you are WINNER!!!
it's scam
Just Paying! )))
The amount of +2.22 USD has been deposited to your Perfect
Money account.
Date: 11:29 20.10.12. Batch: 12718888.
Memo: API Payment. Congratulations, you are WINNER!!!
Cell #10 of line #871, price $2.00 This cell was played at
31-08-2012 17:17 and player WIN. Looks like it's you :)
Congratulations!!!message got but i did get my $ 2.00 in my
liberty reserve account 08/31/2012 17:16 108704313
-U4620552 (AllworldHYIP...)i had won but i did not got my
amount $2.22,PLS PAY MY MONEY-other wise i will rank you bad
in all site site stilling big money