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Top Capitalist › go to program homepage
Payouts: 8-10.5% daily for 15 days!
Min deposit: $25
Max deposit: $100,000
Referral bonus: 4.5%
Top Capitalist Company is a private investment firm. The primary agenda of
our firm is to work on Forex, Stock, Oil and Gold. Top Capitalist has been online since 2010 and have a very well trained and expert trading team that can help you in your endeavor. If you are a beginner or new to the world of online investing, Top Capitalist teams advise and support can prove to be immensely beneficial in order to ensure that you gain maximum profit and encounter lesser risks.
  • Lifetime: 2732 days
  • Monitoring: 2732 days
  • Admin rate: 1
  • User rate: 401.0
  • Funds return: 1093.50%

± Ratings stats:

Very good: (2008 votes)
Good: (102 votes)
Bad: (24 votes)
Very bad: (33 votes)

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Very good
Very bad

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Rating User Info & Date Comments
Have not been able to contact Top Capitalist. Have tried
many times. Have not been able to withdraw ANY money. Any
help is deeply appreciated. Keep up the good work.
How come their site is still on the web? Why doesn't someone
close them down for good? Who is hosting the site? Whatever
happened to the FBI Internet Fraud Squad?
I started the program by investing $100, and once the
program period was done, I got paid immediately after
requesting the withdrawal, so I trusted them, and I
reinvested $220 in order to earn more money, the period was
done again, I requested the withdrawal exactly the
(Dec-2-2013 01:59:02 AM) and until our day, my withdrawal
still pending, which I don't understand why this website
still running.. I only wish if someone in London would go to
their office and see what to do about this crap !
topcapitalist is back $1000 is done,thanks good,thanks
topcapitalist .
I want to ask some question. When we deposit money to
Topcapitalist it charge fee or not?
My pending withdrawal is over $ 10,000. The site allows new
deposits, that's all. I've asked for news update, nothing
Yes, they are came back again. However, maybe to catch more
innocent victms... Who can know?




PUFF, just like a puff of smoke - gone. Another one for the
I'm asking again - why doesn't someone who lives in London
go to their office address and check them out? Sure I would,
but I live in Australia. Someone needs to smoke out those
All these positive comments are FAKE people, beware!
I have $4700 pending, I've given them documents and sent
many emails. I'm just reinvesting to keep the account
growing. Maybe next year they will post news or start
replying to emails finally.
thank fast payment
$50 done
thank for my payment
$190 paid today
thank you
These people that wrote "TopCapitalist is back
again" are all FAKE ratings. Our money is still
pending. No payouts have been honored. I have over 400.00
still pending. DO NOT INVEST !!! *WARNING*
woooww, $470 i got, Top Capitalist, Back again, Thank you
Thank for my payment, i request $1000 yerterday, and today i
recieved, Many Thank
Thank TopCapitalist, I got again my payment today
Please, friends!

I have US$2.500,00+ invested into TopCapitalist systems!!!


It simply shows PENDING status into the site...

good business, paid paid again
!!! REALY?!

Please, friend, tell us if you had mailed to TopCapitalist
those documents required by they.

Excuse my English mistakes, ok?

Thank you.
paying paying, i have $325 Deposited On there :(y)
Has anyone been in contact with Top Capitalist? it appears
the site is up but still not paying..
not make payment
i have my money
I have have had payment pending since Nov 22nd 2013
Not sure why TopCapitalist was blacklisted. I have been
paid every single business day for many many months now.
$30.00 pas payer
Now we are in front a doubt... whether that documentation
required for TopCapitalist is a crucial factor which
determines our withdraws, right?

So, if somebody already got its account verified by this
way, give us some way to contact, PLEASE!

And show us the results like print screens about withdrawals
(with dates, of course), other proofs, etc, ok?


Good luck to all.
Permintaan penarikan kami sampai saat ini pending, ternyata
TopCapitalist SCAMMM, GoldPoll bantu kami jangan dana kami
Currently admin of topcapitallist admin is in mumbai, please
see the google map with this latitude and longitude is
Hey, you from IP (!

If you already made your verification by that documents
required for they, please friend, talk us about
TopCapitalist payments from after that, ok?

Is it real? Will we payed after we send that documents to

If someone more already received a payment after the
documentation, advise us, please! (in these last days, of

How can you claim that the program was blacklisted over 975
days ago? I joined on October 11 2013 because you gave it
top ratings. Are you the owner of Top Capitalist? Is there a
connection between Solid Trust Pay and Top Capitalist, both
operate out of Ontario, Canada and are rooted in Hungary?
It stopped paying on November 18th, I have many withrawal
request still pending. What can I do? Is it possible that it
will start paying again?
TopCapitalist.Net ???
Why doesn't someone who lives in London go to their street
address and see if they exist?
i dont believe that this site is gone has been
online and paying without problems for about 3 years...may
be this week may be a shutdown week for them or their
server..but this doesnt mean that they have gone scam so
quickly..because they have been here for 1000 days...and
normally the HYIP sites go scam in their 3 first
months...dont open panic people
I must be stupid then. I sent them my drivers license, bank
statement, credit card, and void check. I'm not too stupid
though I have and have since 2006. If someone
tries to open an account in my name they will call me and
shut it down. Maybe you're the dummy playing stupid video
games all day eating hot pockets and getting fat. I'll
compare my earnings to yours... I have $10,600 on deposit
with top capitalist which is about $8000 a month. I bet I
make more than you.
Are you really so stupid?
Top Capitalist is gone and is SCAM for ever!
Only very STUPID PEOPLE will send their passport / IDs to
crime maffia.
They will take all your money of your bank accounts, create
credit cards with your name and so on...
Turn on your brain!!!
You should play with ps4, xbox360 btun not with money!
Cannot send documents, their email message - "Mailbox
quota exceeded"
They are going to pay as soon as you are verified, it may
take a couple days but the sooner you send your info to them
they will pay you. They need this info for future debit
cards, it's not because they want your info or picture.
They have paid me daily since august 7 there is no way they
are a scam.
I have been requested to supply ID to Top Capitalist for
there bank but they want me to send by email.Is this correct
or are they scamming???
Can you give me any concrete information on Top Capitalist?
ciao ho provato a chiamare il +442072426662 ma non e un
ufficio di top capitalist peccato
Per chi parlasse la lingua inglese, ho trovato il numero di
telefono del palazzo dove affittano gli uffici (dove
dovrebbe risiedere topcapitalist)+44 20 7242 6662
questo non e' lo stesso numero del sito top capitalist.
Dovrebbe rispondere un centralino e chiedere di
per avere qualche fresca news
They want passport, drivers, bank statement, or visa card or
utility to verify everyone. The amount of fraud is a ?. I
sent everything to admin@ support@ is already full. Rest
assured once you are verified you will get y our pending
money. This is a good thing. If you're worried about your
ID then go to I've been with them since 2006,
$10 a month for piece of mind.
will still pay, TOP Capitalist'm sent an official document
of our debit cards to be made
TOPCAPITALIST!!!! This is HIGHLY suspect and probably not
from TopCap. I sent in ticket through the website and an
email to the admin requesting verification of this request.
NO REPLY as yet. If I do receive a reply, I will post it
here and on the Facebook page. This really appears to be a
phishing expedition that someone is running to commit ID
theft or create bogus documents...why else would they want a
"head and shoulders" photo?
Please let me know if people are able to withdraw their
money after submitting all the ID info. I am concerned
however that this could be a ID theft scam? Most people on
this site are already verified through STP..
my withdrawal is still pending, where is my money?? its
great thieves, motherfuckers.
Pay my money.
If anyone willing to submit identification of what they're
asking for and was able to withdraw money afterward please
share with us, thank you
Now I have to send them a picture of my passport, utily
bills and a picture of myslef?
WTF is this?
Beware! Scam,Scam.
Withdrawal Pending,Pending, Pending.
very goog HYIP! The project works!
Got paid today!!

$4.90 has been successfully sent to your EgoPay account
Top Capitalist is not paying in the last 1 week. VERY BAD.
Are you people really that stupid? Top Capitalist has not
been around for 3 years. Domain registered in 2010 - but
look at Alexa - ZERO traffic till a few months ago. The
monitoring sites are as much of a scam as the HYIPs.
This site has stopped paying. Usually quick to update on any
site problems, but all admin seem to have disappeared in
last few days. No update on facebook either as there used to
I just can't believe Top Capitalist turned into SCAM after
almost 3 years paying every single day.
TOP Capitalist's run is OVER, Everyone...for ALL e-currency
processors!!! I'm with STP and 3 out of the last 5
withdrawal requests over the last 5 days are still
"pending"! DON'T INVEST ANY MORE MONEY INTO THIS'll only lose it!
It was good
but now it doesn`t pay
I think admin off Auto paying
not paid.scam
Not paying for the last 4 days.its a scam.
Not paid since the 12 november after they switch to new Data
center. 120 $ pending "paid by admin" eMail
confirmations with Fake IP adress... I am very anxious cause
I have 11 business days more to release to my PM account !
Waiting a response from admin not received yet ...
new site it is over guys
I have not received payment since the beginning of this week
Hello Every one Top Capitalist is Down right now and they
administer say we can change the server i use PM and my
$36.00 is Pending for last 3 Days this is not good but i
have letast news about all HYIP so look hear thank you :)
not paid. SCAM
Yes me too surprised, now a days company are showing
priorities to paying money to hyip monitors, thats why this
kind of hyip monitors are not changing the status. There is
no response from TopCapitalist admin or support, STP members
can make a complaint of fraudulent activities company, then
STP may be freeze there account...
Hello: I am surprised to see that GOLDPOLL still showing the
status of Top Capitalist as "PAYING" status though
many people put their negative comments -- then what is the
roll of HYIP monitors
Please change the status to scam Mr Goldpoll as it is not
paying,ppl are not here to make wdl only in stp,what abt
pm?Please change status to scam soon,plz
Withdrawal from STP are just is a plan so that we
invest more through STP..The stp comments are probably from
Top capitalist admin people
My pm withdrawal pending since 24 hrs
paid batch 30000607653 instan payment
not paid . scam scam
Penarikan tgl 14 Nopember 2013 masih Pending belum masuk ke
Akun PM
Withdrawal processed. Batch id: 30000606953 instantpayment 4
STP. Topcapitalist doing very well 2 years now. Keep it up
admin. Congratulations
Experiencing the same problem as a below user. Requested a
WD on 11/15, and its has said pending. Usually every other
withdrawal I have ever made has been immediate. For
the past 30 days, I have been withdrawing daily without a
hitch. But now TOPCAP prepare to SCAM... It seems TOPCAP
only make a selective payment to whom that wd with the small

Admin Goldpoll please put TOP CAP on PROBLEM listed before
they scamming the other new people...
not paid . scam scam
withdraw pendiNg
withdraw pendimg
not pay!!! scam!!!
Created at: November 14, 2013 08:28 :: Updated at: November
14, 2013 08:28

Transaction ID #: topcapaccb23520ec9b5b814f0085
Sender: topcapacc (
Amount: $10

Created at: November 14, 2013 07:50 :: Updated at: November
14, 2013 07:50

Transaction ID #: topcapacc69f22d7a2623c1ce3650
Sender: topcapacc (
Amount: $10
Experiencing the same problem as a below user. Requested a
WD on 11/13, and its has said pending wince yesterday. Made
another WD request today, it has also gone pending. Every
other withdrawal I have ever made has been immediate. For
the past 30 days, I have been withdrawing daily without a

Proceed with caution!
Topcapitalist wht is happeng withdrawal stil pend please l
hv trust in you please 1 cannot lose my 1000 dollar pls
immer perfekt! sempre perfetti!
thank you, admin!

From STPay member: topcapacc (
Transaction Number: 30000603116
Amount: $5
Currency: USD
Note (if provided): Withdraw to slavio from
Something strange happened first W/D request
was "pending" for a few hours...I commented on how
it seemed there were a LOT of "pending" W/D's with
clients of TC, then I received another day's earnings into
my account, I attempted to withdraw that money and the
withdrawal went through IMMEDIATELY, however my
"pending" withdrawal from yesterday still is in
that status! I don't know if they're just having problems
or if they're "selectively" paying out...just
In the last 30 days Top drew of 16,960.00 U.S. dollars.
Received all payments immediately. But the last sack of
390.00 dollars still pending. Withdrew the amount to invest
in another company but going back to Top of value greater
good. I'm not facker.
You have successfully received money from a registered
SolidTrust Pay member! Please be sure to keep this email as
your receipt.

From STPay member: topcapacc (
Transaction Number: 30000601484
Amount: $14.50
Currency: USD
Note (if provided): Withdraw to hyipmonitor1net from
We got payment without any problems.
Thank you.
I pulled today and didn't receive payment .. Was told by a
friend in another country they seemed to have gone down
withdrawal pending for 24 hours (137$).
They are paying selectively and only small imports. SCAM!

Dear ,

Greetings from SolidTrust Pay.

You have successfully received money from a registered
SolidTrust Pay member! Please be sure to keep this email as
your receipt.

From STPay member: topcapacc (
Transaction Number: 30000600801
Amount: $10
Currency: USD
Note (if provided): Withdraw to investor6677 from
Party's over guys, it was a good run
Pending on Egopay since 2 days...
If you research , office is not real, in holborn gate there
is a company that manages virtual office, and Top capitalist
rented this service.....after call center is
.... bye bye money
140$---> pending.
10$--->istant processed.

Strange. Admins do not respond.
last 2 withdraws are pending
Hello Everyone
i use PM and my $12.00 is Pending for Last 22 Hours and now
i lose total in Top Capitalist $105 ... But i hope site is
come again ... contact me :-