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Program details
Unite Trade › go to program homepage
Payouts: 120% after 7 days or 150% after 15 days!
Min deposit: $5
Max deposit: $60,000
Referral bonus: 6%
  • Lifetime: 3173 days
  • Monitoring: 3172 days
  • Admin rate: 1
  • User rate: 239.6
  • Funds return: 700.00%

± Ratings stats:

Very good: (1182 votes)
Good: (114 votes)
Bad: (7 votes)
Very bad: (13 votes)

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Rating User Info & Date Comments
I've been waiting for my withdrawal to be processed..its
more than 1 month since i requested withdrawal and until now
u guys haven't returned my hard earned money back..yet
you're claiming the you have the fastest payout
could that be???...this program is purely a SCAM...Please
returned those hard earned money entrusted by ordinary
people to your bogus programs...admin has no conscience at
all..Too bad!!!!
I read that you return some of the investment, can you pls.
return my $5 too....just my initial investment with or
without the profit...i need my money back...
This IP is being shared among many domains.
To view the domain you are looking for, simply enter the
domain name in the location bar of your web browser.

This is the only message that is left from their site. No
answer to any support mails and no payment of money.
Pls Andy, help me wit my money. I nearly die d day dis
hapen, my 1st day 2 invest in hyip wit my life savings. Pls
pay me user name keneson4good, LR U3768547 $100
me robastes 218 us estafador tambien caeras ya lo veras
LOL he escape with our money. Do you understand?

He will refund you in your dreams, maybe ;) WAKE UP!!!
Hi Andy pls refund some of my
$500 to my LR account.
my username is arashngr

my liberty accont= U0399478

Batch # = 48074786

andy please refund my money
Hi Andy pls refund some of my
$140 to my AP account.
my username is SOLAFE
hi andy please refund my
money please, becouse this was my last
money please please
username is:szamolok
hi andy please refund my money please this is my last money
please please
username is: sanei
Hi Andy pls refund some of my $101 to my AP account. my
username is srockyk Plssssssssssssssssssss
one week..not paying
please i lost 550 usd could you return me? Thank you Andy
Hello Andy! Please refund my 770 USD! My account name is:

Regards: Csabee86
Andy. Please return my money. $14 as well as the money of my
friend. please return it. please please please. Im begging
inverti 219 us y al dia siguiente te los robastes favor
devolverme mi dinero
Hello Andy! Please return on invested 40 $
Hi, Andy. Please refund my 500$
.This was my last money :(
.Thank you !!!
my user name is arashngr
my accont libertreserve is = U0399478
batch# = 48074786
please refund my money
Hi, Andy. Please refund my deposit
.This was my last money :(
.Thank you !!!
my user name is Demi
Hi, Andy. Please refund my 50$ .This was my last money :(
.Thank you !!!
my user name is asanas2
Hi, Andy! Please refund my deposit $100. Thank you!
This game was very exciting !
Unite trade's administrator, is just a son of biatch! I bet
he already ran away with all the 500,000$ deposits to Canada
to live like a millionaire.
sorry for you are always the best,but for
us will be great if you refund our money to get confidence
in you andy when you comeback with another
program.......plsss refund my money my account to unite
trade it was bossky and I wait to get back my $310...I know
you will read this message...thank you
bad, bad, bad,
FANTASTIC to have this as...le on the blacklist. Bye
The MOST successful HYIP ends..
But will come back after 6 months
goodbye Unite Trade
thank you admin
ok programs - thenk you
Ha HA HA to everyone who lost money! When will you learn? I
hope all that lost a lot of money don't continue with these
scam programs. This brightens my day knowing it's you and
not me who lost money by these scammers.... Ha Ha you lost
money. YOU LOSE!!!
oh im so sorry what happened . where is unitetrade oh i loss
a lot of money its not true no no no
site is down since 1.11., no newsletter tells us what
happens, i hope you come back soon with my money
Site is not working ... What do you mean "Paid
immediately" .... ??? Are you making jokes with us?
Paid immediately.
i invest a lot of money...saddd...hope come back soon
scam,no paid
Enjoy my 300$ in hell
I still believe the site will come back soon though I didn't
get back my investment. I trusted this site more. I believe
the admin must pay back money to the account holders.
anyone been able to access the Unite Trade site today?
I m investor fr thailand i just invest 350 $ last month it
unfortunetly for me very saddddd...
good program payment is on time and support is verygood.
Thank you honest admin for payment honest site,honest
Why do you say good? You have some informations?
Paid From/To Account : U0234167 (UT Withdraw)
Amount : 1.00
Currency : LRUSD
Batch : 47898360
no this site is not safe
when safe means is true we can the safe place
this is dead
where is my golds ohhh where is my golds
this is my site
Site is back online...
it is still PAYING..!!!
Don't worry..
Our money is safe.. :)
Like I said last week, lots of blablabla... but a BIG SCAM!
The site is under maintenance
site will back soon
don't worry
Paid received still fast very honest program, thank admin
keep going.
Several people (including me) already got refunds. Send the
admin an email requesting it ( If you
did not invested with an Alertpay account, ask him if its
possible to transfer it in the AP account you will give (you
must create an AP account if you dont have one yet).
UniteTrade is closed. Please accept everyone.
It will not come back. This game is over.
But you can always find a new HYIP, and start the game
hei guys, i just saw today a note , on a particular site ,
and it says there something about moving to a better server
and more secure , hope was truth
they didnt say its under maintenace or moving to another
server, they dont reply to emails, dont give any explanation
and GP its saying " problem" well....
i have deposited alots of money,if they cheat me my wife
will kill me lool
i hope they will come up
The website is under going a maintenance! No need to worry!
Site will be back soon!
The site is under maintenance
I am very worry
I was invested $10.00 on Oct. 25th and now the site is down
Lost $10.00 NOT a big deal.. Scam ... Scam
hope they refund my deposits!!!
whats's goin on???????????????no news..hope they come back
Paid on time,very nice,hope the site can be hotter and
ok so there is nothing when you try to go to that site i
cant belive it i just reinvested all my money yesterday no
wonder they always told you good luck when they spoke to you
i just cant belive it just like g.f. they took my money too
i am done with this shit
Nice program admin live support always.
UT is closed sadly but I wasn't lost anything, My
investment: 122 USD and I earned 212 USD, so it's very

I wrote a letter to admin and he was reply to my letter
within 5 minutes later. He refund all of my investment both
AP and LR. He sent them within AP. He's the best admin ever!
Very nice program! got paid as well and reinvested already
Best hyip!! Fast payment and fast support.Thx admin.
surprising&wonderful paying. See this unique site.
verygood hyip and pay quickly and on time Thank you admin
Excellent performance. Withdrawal done in TWO minutes flat!
Without ant delays received my payments.
The UniteTrade now is moving to a new and more secured
server, don't worry everyone
Pays! Excellent program!
this site paid me again
thank you admin
good support good program
They are offline (forum and site) and no news about it from
Admin ... Usually, we reveive an email to announce it ...
Anybody has more info?
Pays! Excellent program! Quality program to invest.
Payment receive again and very fast. thank you admin.
This is the best investment. Most solid and honest. Always
paying. Highly recommended.
One of the really successful program! I never regret joining
this one.
The site working fine, I got paid today. One of the best
Get paid again.This site pay fast too.
Thank you for your payment.And I still get paid.
Next payment Received on time as usual.thank you.
verygood hyip and pay quickly and on time Thank you admin
Web has always been paid well.And today it has been paid
This site is still paying.Investors rushed to each other.
I try to invest in this site.Because they pay very well and
pay ever.
Always pay well.Today I have paid already.
This site very good Top pay.I still confident this site.
There are also paid. And pay forever.
PAYING now it very fast today.admin and support it work
I received my second payment today.UT IS PAYING INSTANTLY
good program payment is on time and support is verygood.
Thank you honest admin for payment honest site,honest
Payment Details

Date: 10/30/2010 2:51:33 PM
Amount Sent: $576.00 USD
Sender Name: R & D Distributing
Sender Email:
Reference Number: 1290A-A1DB3-17AD8,
Message: Withdraw to from
Received daily profit oninvestment. Thank you for the
This web is best to pay early investors feel better
Very good and honest program.
Pays instantly.