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GoldPoll HYIP News
September 01, 2014
payouts: 102-115% after 1 day!
min-max: $10-$20,000

August 30, 2014
 Financial Fund Limited
payouts: 103-130% after 1 day!
min-max: $10-$100,000

August 29, 2014
 Almi Trade
payouts: 1-4% daily!
min-max: $10-$100,000

payouts: 1-1.5% daily!
min-max: $30-$10,000

August 28, 2014
 Linum Fund
payouts: 3.4-4.8% daily!
min-max: $20-$50,000

 Cryptco Miner
payouts: 3-4.5% daily!
min-max: $20-$35,000

August 25, 2014
 Paying Instantly Hourly
payouts: 102% after 1 hour!
min-max: $5-$25,000

 Gaxter Invest
payouts: 102.5-125% after 1 day!
min-max: $20-$100,000

 Purple Wealth
payouts: 2.6-3.5% daily!
min-max: $20-$66,000

August 24, 2014
 Memorial Invest
payouts: 104-140% after 1 day!
min-max: $10-$100,000

 Santix Financial Group
payouts: 103-120% after 2 days!
min-max: $15-n/a

August 23, 2014
 Us Forex Trade
payouts: 1-1.7% daily!
min-max: $25-$999

August 22, 2014
 Steady Profit Limited
payouts: 0.8-5% daily!
min-max: $20-$100,000

 20 Day Gold
payouts: 15-30% daily!
min-max: $1-$50,000

August 21, 2014
 FX Futures
payouts: 103-120% after 1 day!
min-max: $5-$20,000

 Poker Automatics
payouts: 0.4-1.3% daily!
min-max: $30-n/a

August 20, 2014
 Triple 4 Ads
payouts: 3% daily!
min-max: $1-n/a

payouts: 6.5-8% daily!
min-max: $10-$10,000

 Poker Paying
payouts: 104-133% after 1 day!
min-max: $5-$50,000

August 19, 2014
 Fin Alianza
payouts: 103-120% after 1 day!
min-max: $10-$50,000

payouts: 1.2-2.2% daily!
min-max: $10-$100,000

 Zen Finance
payouts: 6-7.5% daily!
min-max: $10-$30,000

payouts: 3-5% daily!
min-max: $10-$50,000

 M V Elite
payouts: 3-7% daily!
min-max: $1-$50,000

 Empower Profit
payouts: 0.23-1.23% hourly!
min-max: $10-n/a

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Votes posted by:
Rating Program Name Date Comments
Mc Gurn 2013-08-15 Got paid again. well done. So
stable program. I mean the
project is worthy to invest
FX 2013 2013-08-15 Really wonderful to me!
Excellent job done! this one
is the best! Paid me again.
HD Invest 2013-08-15 Paid me very fast and
accurately! Really good
program! thank you very much
Saratoga Trade 2013-08-15 Outstanding, i love this
Admin!! i got my requested
amount still without no
problem, Thanks.
Invest Gap 2013-04-04 Not only you never lose your
money by investing in this
website but you can redouble
your deposit. It is a real
Primerisa 2013-04-04 Paid immediately. I trust this
honest admin and the strong
plan which never miss to pay
my payments. thank you for
your service.
HTR 2013-04-04 Paid me again! Thanks!
Crawford 2013-04-04 The stable program, really
good and thank you.
HNL Companies 2013-04-04 Another payout received again.
I will invest more.
Time Warner 2013-04-04 Next payment Received
Instantly as usual, Thank you
admin. I will never forget
your help.
Livermore Investments 2013-04-04 I always received my payment
on time. Thanks for working so
Lets Build A Plan 2013-04-04 Got paid as usual, good. Great
job, Keep up the good work! .
Thank admin.
Share Maker 2013-04-04 Payment received!! I am very
satisfied with your work and
my profit.
Share Maker 2013-02-09 paying me every time I ask.
today I made a second deposit.
I think it has worth to invest
here. I recommend this website
to all of my friends.
Ederer Funds 2013-04-04 The next payment received from
Ederer Funds. Thank you Ederer
Funds. Keep up your nice
Ederer Funds 2013-02-09 All of my withdrawal sent me
back. I predict a bright
future for this site. Thank
you admin.
Dallas Trade 2013-04-04 Got paid instantly! Honest
payouts still on time!
Dallas Trade 2013-02-09 Got paid very fast, as usual.
My withdrawal has been backed
to my LR account
Golden FX Trade 2013-04-04 Got paid instantly! Good site
to invset for earn Quick more
Quick earning . Thanks a lot.
Golden FX Trade 2013-02-09 Very good payment. I really
like this hyip. This is
absolutely amazing!
Fund FX Investment Group 2013-04-04 Thank You very much!
Withdrawal paid today
Afania 2013-02-09 Quick and accurate payout
received for the several
times. I trusted them. They
work well.
Nevada Investment Company 2013-02-09 Great program ever. Very
professionally and really HIGH
Nevada Investment Company 2013-01-09 Very good program, i like it
because they fast withdraw to
me every time and keep good
NBA Investment Company 2013-04-04 Thank you very much!
Withdrawal paid again today
and fast!
NBA Investment Company 2013-02-09 Again paid, as always without
problems.I am very satisfied
with your work and my profit.
NBA Investment Company 2013-01-09 Program looks real great! i
still successfully received
earnings from it.
Boston Funds 2013-02-09 Very good payment. Loving this
program always pays!
Boston Funds 2013-01-09 got paid today,thanks
The amount of 4.4 USD has been
deposited to your Perfect
Money account.
Memo: API Payment. - from XCr4 .
Date: 02:47 08.01.13.
Batch: 15201337.
Finance Fund Store 2013-02-09 Still paying!It is good HYIP
program. A very well organized
Finance Fund Store 2013-01-09 Another Very good project and
real investment
Perfect site,all no problem!
Realty Investment 2013-01-09 Paying
01/08/2013 07:47 126769763
U5892023 (Realty INV) +
Merchant Reference: Memo:
Almal 2013-04-04 My withdrawal paid today!
Thank You!
Almal 2013-02-09 I confirm this program and
admire this admin. thanks a
Almal 2013-01-09 This project never missed a
payment, i am very glad
and deposited the site.
NBC Global 2013-04-04 Terrific! Efficient program
& Very nice admin. Thank
you very much.
NBC Global 2013-02-09 very good project and real
investment program!I agree
with the fundamental of this
automatic payment service.
NBC Global 2013-01-09 $2.20 has been successfully
sent to your LibertyReserve
account U3658667.
Transaction batch is
Sky Funds 2013-02-09 Next payment paid!I wish to
continue our cooperation.
Sky Funds 2013-01-09 Date and Time = 07 Jan 2013
@23:54 PM
Transfer from skyfunds
Transaction ID =273744437
Fees (Charged to Recipient) =
Net Amount = 6.03
FX 2012 2013-04-04 Latest Payout Received
Recently and according to the
schedule. Thanks very much.
FX 2012 2013-02-09 Really great program!This
program is an unique site,
well serious program!
FX 2012 2013-01-09 I received money many
time,last time was 1.10.
Account U5787136.
Batch is 126755393. Paid
I trust FX 2012. Thanks Admin
HTIC 2013-02-09 New withdrawal sent to my LR
account. This plan is really
nice and stable.
HTIC 2013-01-09 Payout today OK! Thank You
very much!
HyipInv 2013-08-15 Always paying! Stable program
and honest admin. thanks.
HyipInv 2013-04-04 Thank you dear admin, I highly
appreciate your attention. You
are a highly professional hyip
HyipInv 2013-02-09 Perfect job. I've never seen
it as real as this before!!!
Instant funding, Instant
withdrawal!!! They are the
best so far!!!
HyipInv 2013-01-09 This program is paying me
constantly, i can envision a
bright future here.
Boyle 2012-01-04 Keep up the good work and
don't be like others!
Finance To Fortune 2012-01-04 They have started paying
selectively! I've requested a
withdrawal 2 days ago and
haven't been payed! CAUTION!
Investor Words 2012-01-04 Paid me on time and instantly
payment - very good program
Chilton Funds 2012-01-04 paid, thank you
B Investment 2012-01-04 Paid Instantly today, thx
Climber Club Investment 2012-01-04 Paid again as always. This is
a very good site with honest
Facing 2012-01-04 The site have excellent
performance among in paying
hyips so far.
2breed 2012-01-04 Great investments! Been paid
Artificial Casting 2012-01-04 I always receive MY DAILY
Investment Models Inc 2011-09-21 WITHDRAWAL : PROFIT ( 14%
Daily )
DATE : 09/21/2011 09:34
BATCH# : 71129839
ACCOUNT : U1558751
(Investment M...)
AMOUNT : + $100.54
RPSMC 2011-09-21 I received $15.22 LR. (
9/21/2011 ). Paid very fast.
Thank Admin
Wsporstco 2012-01-04 Top program with instant
payouts, thank you
Wsporstco 2011-09-21 Lasted over 40 days, I made a
small fortune with this site!
True Expert 2012-01-04 it seems that they trade for
real. Their payouts are
regular, constant and fast!
Fashion Investment 2012-02-13 very good
Fashion Investment 2012-01-04 Date: 2011-12-31 13:12
Batch: 80519703
From Account: U4847651
(Fashion Investment)
Amount: $153.00
Memo: Withdraw from account
balance :::
Fashion Investment 2011-09-21 Simply the best.
Paid instantly.

09/21/2011 01:45 71096813
U4847651 (Fashion Investment)
Merchant Reference:
qq131656955086403 Memo:
Withdraw from account
balance :::

Thank you very much admin.
GBP Real Estate 2012-02-24 Hello ...,
$556.00 has been successfully
sent to your Liberty Reserve
account U15440...
Transaction batch is
Instant withdrawal after
GBP Real Estate 2012-01-04 Date: : 01/01/2012 04:07
Batch: 80552064
From Account: U6857293
(GBP Real Estate)
Amount: $43.5
Memo: Withdraw from
account balance
GBP Real Estate 2011-09-21 I received $10.74 LR (
9/20/2011 ) . Paid very fast.
Thank Admin
Green Plants 2012-01-04 I come to terms with this
honesty and fast paying.
Green Plants 2011-09-21 It is one of the best
investment,most solid and
honest,always paying, highly
Green Plants 2011-07-14 OK. PAYING!
Hyip Technologies 2011-09-21 Got paid again today
09/21/2011 05:04 71108563
U7013969 (HTIC)
+ $1,302.00

Over 200 days with HTIC and
missed a payment. The BEST
HYIP in the world.
Thank you!
Hyip Technologies 2011-03-16 Fast payment received

The amount of 0.5 USD has
deposited to your Perfect
Money account. Date: 9:03
16.03.11. Batch: 5051115.
PMarkets 2011-09-21 Date: 2011-21-09 17:43:29
Batch: 71180281

From Account: U4634847
Amount: $18.00
Memo: PMarkets Personal

Thank you.
PMarkets 2011-07-14 I just got my first payout
instantly. I've joined
yesterday, program looks good
so far :) The website looks
WISP 2011-03-16 03/15/2011 17:13 57273099
U5023527 (W.I.S.P) +
Island Investment Co 2010-12-13 ally referrals earned money by
this hyio
Island Investment Co 2010-11-12 Keep up the good work and
don't be like others!
Island Investment Co 2010-10-30 I have been getting my
interest payments Many time,
no problems . keep up the good

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