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GoldPoll HYIP News
August 29, 2014
 Almi Trade
payouts: 3.2% daily!
min-max: $10-$100,000

payouts: 1-1.5% daily!
min-max: $30-$10,000

August 28, 2014
 Linum Fund
payouts: 3.4-4.8% daily!
min-max: $20-$50,000

 Cryptco Miner
payouts: 3-4.5% daily!
min-max: $20-$35,000

August 25, 2014
 Paying Instantly Hourly
payouts: 102% after 1 hour!
min-max: $5-$25,000

 Gaxter Invest
payouts: 102.5-125% after 1 day!
min-max: $20-$100,000

 Purple Wealth
payouts: 2.6-3.5% daily!
min-max: $20-$66,000

August 24, 2014
 Memorial Invest
payouts: 104-140% after 1 day!
min-max: $10-$100,000

 Santix Financial Group
payouts: 103-120% after 2 days!
min-max: $15-n/a

August 23, 2014
 Us Forex Trade
payouts: 1-1.7% daily!
min-max: $25-$999

August 22, 2014
 Steady Profit Limited
payouts: 0.8-5% daily!
min-max: $20-$100,000

 20 Day Gold
payouts: 15-30% daily!
min-max: $1-$50,000

August 21, 2014
 FX Futures
payouts: 103-120% after 1 day!
min-max: $5-$20,000

 Poker Automatics
payouts: 0.4-1.3% daily!
min-max: $30-n/a

August 20, 2014
 Triple 4 Ads
payouts: 3% daily!
min-max: $1-n/a

payouts: 6.5-8% daily!
min-max: $10-$10,000

 Poker Paying
payouts: 104-133% after 1 day!
min-max: $5-$50,000

August 19, 2014
 Fin Alianza
payouts: 103-120% after 1 day!
min-max: $10-$50,000

payouts: 1.2-2.2% daily!
min-max: $10-$100,000

 Zen Finance
payouts: 6-7.5% daily!
min-max: $10-$30,000

payouts: 3-5% daily!
min-max: $10-$50,000

 M V Elite
payouts: 3-7% daily!
min-max: $1-$50,000

 Empower Profit
payouts: 0.23-1.23% hourly!
min-max: $10-n/a

August 18, 2014
 Instant Earn Hourly
payouts: 102% after 1 hour!
min-max: $5-$10,000

 Continent Investment
payouts: 11-15% daily for 10 days!
min-max: $1-$50,000

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Votes posted by:
Rating Program Name Date Comments
Mc Gurn 2013-08-15 Another withdrawal received
From Account No: U3301932
Amount: $9.87
Date: 15/08/2013
Batch Id: 25830856
HD Invest 2013-08-15 Another withdrawal received
From Account No: U4396821
Amount: $1.80
Date: 15/08/2013
Batch Id: 28101791
Saratoga Trade 2013-08-15 Another withdrawal received
From Account No: U2558683
Amount: $3.65
Date: 15/08/2013
Batch Id: 28216836
HTR 2013-04-04 I obtained my paid as always.
Thanks admin.
A very nice payment.
Crawford 2013-04-04 The program is paying without
any problem. Thanks honest
Time Warner 2013-04-04 get next paid without any
problem. honest admin and
reliable program.
Livermore Investments 2013-04-04 Paid me another profits fast.
Thanks admin a lot.
Share Maker 2013-04-04 New withdrawal received again
for the several times. I hope
the admin will keep on his
good job.
Share Maker 2013-02-09 Date:09.02.2013 10:13:55
Batch: 130688275
From account: U8429434 (Share
Amount: $6.29
Ederer Funds 2013-04-04 Payment received without any
problem. Thank you admin for
your on time payouts. These
are outstanding.
Ederer Funds 2013-02-09 Date:09.02.2013 7:50:20
Batch: 130642605
From account: U2936551
Amount: $8.76
Dallas Trade 2013-04-04 I was paid as usual. really
good program. Thanks admin
very much.
Dallas Trade 2013-02-09 Date:09.02.2013 9:20:55
Batch: 130662160
From account: U8602547
Amount: $60.00
Golden FX Trade 2013-04-04 I've got paid today. It looks
that will be one of the best
programs in the near
Golden FX Trade 2013-02-09 Date:09.02.2013 12:44:20
Batch: 130792241
From account: U0192463
Amount: $33.54
Fund FX Investment Group 2013-04-04 I was paid many times and
always on time. Recently I
made a Second Investment.
Fund FX Investment Group 2013-02-09 Date:09.02.2013 11:40:34
Batch: 130776976
From account: U2794356
Amount: $300.60
Afania 2013-02-09 Date:09.02.2013 7:35
Batch: 130778799
From account: U3633025
Amount: $20.80
Nevada Investment Company 2013-02-09 Date: 09.02.2013 7:30
Batch: 130802473
From account: U0107574
Amount: $7.50
NBA Investment Company 2013-04-04 thanks admin for admin offer
us a stable program! you are
NBA Investment Company 2013-02-09 Date:09.02.2013 14:33
Batch: 130819849
From account: U9943420
Amount: $2.66
Boston Funds 2013-02-09 Date:09.02.2013 6:00pm
Batch: 130768685
From account: U5452898
Amount: $20.55
Finance Fund Store 2013-02-09 Date:09.02.2013 9:20
Batch: 130798547
From account: U1306265
Amount: $12.90
Finance Fund Store 2013-01-05
Realty Investment 2013-02-09 Date:09.02.2013 2:23pm
Batch: 130793485
From account: U5892023
Amount: $21.00
Realty Investment 2013-01-05 Estes aldrabões ainda estão
aqui assinalados como PAYING!
Reparem que esta mensagem vai
ser daqui retirada brevemente.
Almal 2013-02-09 Date:09.02.2013 12:07
Batch: 130794541
From account: U2768515
Amount: $3.30
Almal 2013-01-05 Thanks, Almal is paying even
up to date.
NBC Global 2013-04-04 good i love the site they pay
they don’t scam.
NBC Global 2013-02-09 Date:09.02.2013 9:53
Batch: 130768183
From account: U6469029
Amount: $4.70
NBC Global 2013-01-05 Amazing hyip!!! Thanks! Got
PAYMENT again! good HYIP
program,thank you admin.
Top HYIP site very reliable so
far !
Sky Funds 2013-02-09 Date:09.02.2013
Batch: 130770986
From account: U0171374
Amount: $155.00
Sky Funds 2013-01-05 Money , money , money sweeter
than honey. Be in the money
investing here.They always
FX 2012 2013-04-04 There are only best program i
can trust. Still get paid on
time from here! Thank you.
FX 2012 2013-02-09 Date:09.02.2013 10:55
Batch: 130799746
From account: U2743876
Amount: $396.55
HTIC 2013-02-09 Date:09.02.2013 8:19
Batch: 130792001
From account: U6479018
Amount: $16.88
HyipInv 2013-08-15 Another withdrawal received
From Account No: U1237977
Amount: $9.54
Date: 15/08/2013
Batch Id: 28398793
HyipInv 2013-02-09 Date:09.02.2013 8:43
Batch: 130753046
From account: U1132618
Amount: $412.00
HyipInv 2013-01-05 Exellent programm. Paid
immediately. I believe and
hope for such cooperation. In
invest and have a profit.
Thanky very much.
Boyle 2011-12-27 Honest and customer caring
You Rich 2011-12-27 More than 24 hours, my WD
didn't recevied.
My Ticket not be responded by
admin. !st time WD, my
not sent to me, but back to
balance, nad now more 24
no action from admin.
Investor Words 2011-12-27 TO MY MIND THIS PROGRAM IS
Chilton Funds 2011-12-27 payment received!
B Investment 2011-12-27 recommended program and love
to see it`s on the top
Climber Club Investment 2011-12-27 Just to say, its a perfect
programme. Keep up the good
work admin.
Facing 2011-12-27 Date : 12/25/2011 08:36
From/To Account : U2599402
Amount : 1.20
Currency : USD
Batch : 6959013
Memo : Shopping Cart Payment.
2breed 2011-12-27 Date : 12/26/2011 06:44
From/To Account : U1534593
Amount : 133.60
Currency : USD
Batch : 6962811
Memo : Shopping Cart Payment.
Withdraw from account balance
Investment Models Inc 2011-09-19 Always got my instantly !!!
RPSMC 2011-09-19 Paying! Good Admin +++ Very
good program ^^
FQ FX Trade 2011-09-19 Very good project and real
investment program. Paid well
and always in time! Excellent
Wsporstco 2011-12-27 yes paying gr8 program
Wsporstco 2011-09-19 $6.25 has been successfully
sent to your LibertyReserve
account U603294x.
Transaction batch is
Thank Admin
True Expert 2011-09-19 I have ben paid for many days.
Fashion Investment 2012-02-08 paying on time
Fashion Investment 2011-12-27 Very good programm.I received
payment immediately after
request. Thank you
Fashion Investment 2011-09-19 Very good site, and perfect
service from the admin.
Received another payment
today.paid very fast!best
program for me.
GBP Real Estate 2012-02-24 Exellent programm. Paid
immediately. I believe and
hope for such cooperation. In
invest and have a profit.
Thanky very much.
GBP Real Estate 2012-02-08 paying on time
GBP Real Estate 2011-09-19 $2.02 has been successfully
sent to your LibertyReserve
Transaction batch is
Thank Admin
Green Plants 2011-12-27 gra8 program paying fast
Green Plants 2011-09-19 Unique payment ! I always got
paid on time.
Green Plants 2011-07-12 Received again 07/11/2011
18:21 65261629 U9324918
(Green Plants) + $5.55
Hyip Technologies 2011-09-19 Received another payment
today, very good program.
Hyip Technologies 2011-07-12 Good hyip, good admin. I made
​​a profit
Hyip Technologies 2011-03-16 Great program !!
PMarkets 2011-03-16 03/16/2011 05:40 57304417
U4634847 (PMarkets) + $10.15
Island Investment Co 2010-11-25 A great paying site like you
are needed for big investors
like me... i invested.

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