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September 16, 2014
 Sky Rocket Inv Ltd
payouts: 103-125% after 1 day!
min-max: $10-$25,000

September 15, 2014
 Invest Per Hour
payouts: 102% after 1 hour!
min-max: $10-$10,000

 Avirel Funds
payouts: 6.66-8.66% daily!
min-max: $10-$50,000

 Super Fx
payouts: 102.2-120% after 1 day!
min-max: $10-$100,000

 Popular Finance House Int
payouts: 1.1-25% daily!
min-max: $20-$1,000,000

September 14, 2014
 Altus Finance
payouts: 104-125% after 1 day!
min-max: $10-$30,000

 Dubai Trades
payouts: 103-130% after 1 day!
min-max: $10-$100,000

September 13, 2014
payouts: 103-120 after 1 day!
min-max: $10-$30,000

 Gepard Alliance Ltd
payouts: 0.35% daily!
min-max: $10-$50,000

 Art - Prestige
payouts: 1% daily!
min-max: $10-$10,000

September 12, 2014
 Expert Profit
payouts: 103-127% after 1 day!
min-max: $10-$50,000

September 11, 2014
 Gun Invest Ltd
payouts: 102.5-120% after 1 day!
min-max: $10-$50,000

September 10, 2014
 AVS Investments Ltd
payouts: 1.5-2% daily!
min-max: $5-$250,000

 Oculus TF
payouts: 1-7% daily!
min-max: $10-$100,000

 UK Finance
payouts: 3-4% daily!
min-max: $5-$10,000

 Clever Inv
payouts: 22-38% daily for 5 days!
min-max: $10-$10,000

September 09, 2014
 Euro Forex Team Ltd
payouts: 103-130% after 1 day!
min-max: $10-$100,000

 Online Market Fund
payouts: 18-22% daily!
min-max: $1-$30,000

September 08, 2014
 Earn Money Hourly
payouts: 102% after 1 hour!
min-max: $5-$25,000

 Global Reserve Fund
payouts: 105-125% after 1 day!
min-max: $5-$25,000

 Energy Profit
payouts: 103-122% after 1 day!
min-max: $10-$10,000

 Oil Bitcoin
payouts: 103-110% after 1 day!
min-max: $5-$100,000

 FI Finances Ltd
payouts: 102.5-130% after 1 day!
min-max: $10-$50,000

September 04, 2014
 Capital Revenue
payouts: 105% after 1 day!
min-max: $10-$80,000

September 03, 2014
 Endow Income
payouts: 104-120% after 1 day!
min-max: $10-$50,000

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Votes posted by:
Rating Program Name Date Comments
FX 2013 2013-08-15 pays me on time.
Date and Time: 15/08/2013
Batch Id: 29831215
Account No: U1226988
Amount: $1.28
Thank you.
HD Invest 2013-08-15 pays me on time.
Date and Time: 15/08/2013
Batch Id: 29970939
Account No: U4396821
Amount: $5.75
Thank you.
Saratoga Trade 2013-08-15 pays me on time.
Date and Time: 15/08/2013
Batch Id: 23257590
Account No: U2558683
Amount: $2.23
Thank you.
Primerisa 2013-04-04 The nice payment received
today. Company’s program is
terrific and outstanding.
Crawford 2013-04-04 got paid on time as usually.
Thank you so much.
HNL Companies 2013-04-04 Pays me very well. This plan
is an essential program for
making money in the online
investment world.
Time Warner 2013-04-04 Daily Payment Received. A
stable income that I rely on
for ever. I wish to continue
our cooperation.
Livermore Investments 2013-04-04 This program is really
beautiful and reliable!
Paid me well, nice site!
Lets Build A Plan 2013-04-04 Payout request has been
processed. Thank you admin.
You did the best of your
Share Maker 2013-04-04 Payment received again and
again. Hope it continues for a
long time.
Ederer Funds 2013-04-04 Payment received again and
again. Good site with nice
Ederer Funds 2013-02-07 Fast and accurate payment!
Amount: $2.40
Batch: 125853031
Account: U2936551 (Ederer
Date: 07/02/2013
Thank you
Dallas Trade 2013-04-04 The potential of this admin is
awesome. It seems the team
work is crucial for running
such a system.
Dallas Trade 2013-02-07 good profit and honest admin.

Amount: $8.20
Batch: 125759828
Account: U8602547
Date: 07/02/2013
Thank you
Golden FX Trade 2013-04-04 The automatic payment sent
back to my account number. I
agree with the fundamental of
this automatic payment
Golden FX Trade 2013-02-07 New payment sent me back.
Amount: $11.50
Batch: 125643006
Account: U0192463
Date: 07/02/2013
Thank you
Fund FX Investment Group 2013-04-04 New payout delivered in my
account. I am interested in
cooperating with this admin
for ever.
Fund FX Investment Group 2013-02-07 It is still paying me very
Amount: $3.50
Batch: 125522772
Account: U2794356
Date: 07/02/2013
Thank you
Afania 2013-02-07 Always pays me on time and
Amount: $9.99
Batch: 125341128
Account: U3633025
Date: 07/02/2013
Thank you
Nevada Investment Company 2013-02-07 Account: U0107574
Batch: 123248074
Date: 07/02/2013
Thank you
NBA Investment Company 2013-04-04 This admin efforts hardly and
has been a successful to run a
perfect website. Thank you.
NBA Investment Company 2013-02-07 Great plan.
Amount: $44.81
Batch: 125065595
Account: U9943420
Date: 07/02/2013
Thank you
Boston Funds 2013-04-04 Next withdrawal received today
morning. Thank you admin.
Thank you so much for good
Boston Funds 2013-02-07 Received my payment as always.

Amount: $120.55
Batch: 124802565
Account: U5452898
Date: 07/02/2013
Thank you
Boston Funds 2013-01-04 Paying.Thank you
Finance Fund Store 2013-04-04 This admin is able to enhance
your money. Thank you for your
wonderful plan.
Finance Fund Store 2013-02-07 very good payout
Batch: 123398227
Account: U1306265
Date: 07/02/2013
Thank you
Finance Fund Store 2013-01-04 Finance Fund Store paid me
again.I like this nice hyip.
Realty Investment 2013-02-07 the best HYIP.
Batch: 123503607
Account: U5892023
Date: 07/02/2013
Thank you
Realty Investment 2013-01-04 Paying!Very Good program.
Thank you
Almal 2013-04-04 I recommend every body to
experience doing business with
this company. It has worth to
Almal 2013-02-07 The best admin and the best
Batch: 123787312
Account: U2768515
Date: 07/02/2013
Thank you
Almal 2013-01-04 Payment received again.Almal
is hot hyip.
NBC Global 2013-02-07 Admin, You are the best.
Batch: 123938409
Account: U6469029
Date: 07/02/2013
Thank you
NBC Global 2013-01-04 Paying.They paid me again
today.Thank you NBC Global
Sky Funds 2013-02-07 Great investment system.
Amount: $30
Batch: 124225996
Account: U0171374
Date: 07/02/2013
Thank you
Sky Funds 2013-01-04 I got 2632.25 USD from this
site.They paid me ref bonus
FX 2012 2013-04-04 You can double your money
simply just by trusting this
admin. I have trusted this
company in the past and see
the result for now.
FX 2012 2013-02-07 Best paying website so far.
Batch: 124409103
Account: U2743876
Date: 07/02/2013
Thank you
FX 2012 2013-01-04 Instant payment rceived
I received my profit on
time.Great support
HTIC 2013-02-07 Honest Admin!
Amount: $5.99
Batch: 124541862
Account: U6479018
Date: 07/02/2013
Thank you
HyipInv 2013-08-15 pays me on time.
Date and Time: 15/08/2013
Batch Id: 29066891
Account No: U1237977
Amount: $39.63
Thank you.
HyipInv 2013-04-04 The safest way to deal.
Without risk or any dangerous
task. Thank you in advanced.
HyipInv 2013-02-07 The big opportunity for every
one who wants to enhance
investment do something
Batch: 124330989
Account: U1132618
Date: 07/02/2013
Thank you
HyipInv 2013-01-04 paying!I think admin rate is
not safe because many of hyip
with admin rate 1 are
scam.goldpoll admin please
give vote
carefully for example this
hyip is very good but you
admin rate 1 to scam
hyips.Thank you
Investor Words 2011-12-23 Muito Bom.
Very Good
Chilton Funds 2011-12-23 No problem!! thank you. Best
online investment, reliable
and friendly support
B Investment 2011-12-23 No problem!! thank you. Best
online investment, reliable
and friendly support
Silver 22 2011-12-23 $50.00 has been successfully
sent to your LibertyReserve
account U7016839.
Transaction batch is
Good program. Support you.
Facing 2011-12-23 paid me well,I like it very
2breed 2011-12-23 paying great, thank you
Artificial Casting 2011-12-23 Next payment received today.
Thank you, Admin!
Investment Models Inc 2011-09-18 $4.00 has been successfully
sent to your LibertyReserve
account U5787136.
Transaction batch is
Thank Admin
RPSMC 2011-09-18 PAID!No problem now!best
stable paying program!Thank
you admin!!
FQ FX Trade 2011-09-18 Very good project and real
investment program,
perfect!!!!no problem!!!
Wsporstco 2011-12-23 recommended program and love
to see it`s on the top
Wsporstco 2011-09-18 admin is very honest. Hyip to
pay each time a withdrawal
True Expert 2011-12-23 Payment Details

Date: December 23, 2011
9:48:51 AM
Amount Sent: $2.10 USD
Sender Name: Tive
Sender Email:
Reference Number:
Message: Withdraw from account
True Expert 2011-09-18 $4.00 has been successfully
sent to your LibertyReserve
account U5787136.
Transaction batch is
Thank Admin
Fashion Investment 2012-02-08 payment received as promised!!
GBP Real Estate 2012-02-08 Date: 2012-02-06 19:55
Batch: 84256097
Amount: $6.20
Memo: Withdraw from account

Thank you admin
GBP Real Estate 2011-12-23 I received $2.72. Account
U5787136. Batch is
79885390. Paid very fast.
Thank Admin
IT 2 Inv 2011-07-11
Green Plants 2011-12-23 yes paying gr8 program
Green Plants 2011-09-18 Recommend them very highly.I
received every time the right
amount of payment.
Green Plants 2011-07-11 Date: 2011-10-07 14:51:51
Batch: 65180041
From Account: U9324918
Amount: $1.00
Memo: ::: Withdraw
from account balance

Thank you.
Hyip Technologies 2011-09-18 A great paying site like you
are needed for big investors
like me... i invested
Hyip Technologies 2011-07-11 Still paying well to me!i
think it is nice site.seem no
other programe like this one.
Hyip Technologies 2011-03-16 Got paid by this HYIP again!
PMarkets 2011-09-18 Very secure program and I
always got paid.I am very
to be with site!
PMarkets 2011-07-11 Paid On time
now and i sent this good vote
for them , very good program
PMarkets 2011-03-16 Great program here, is paying
all my witdhrawal requests!
WISP 2011-03-16 $25 paid in my LR
Island Investment Co 2010-12-13 I am not anxious any
more,since I am sure you are
always here to help me! Thanks

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